Monday 2 May 2016

Tech Trends: Latest Lithium Technology Comes To The World's Largest Auto-Market - China All Electric Concept Car.

  China is killing Apple already by stealing its market share with the new smart phones you have never heard about, will it do the same with Tesla? Maybe one day, but it can already control Tesla's dreams about mass market for EVs by controlling Lithium supply chains. West is very slow to wake up to the reality, that China controls 75% of Lithium Hydroxide market already, which goes into Panasonic lithium cells supplied to Tesla. Ganfeng Lithium is supplying Panasonic, BYD and LG Chem among other EVs market players. China is on track to take Lithium Batteries market over and will become the largest electric cars market in the world this year.
  BYD is the leader in electric cars production and sales in China and the world-wide leader in electric buses. With Tesla Model 3 orders surging above 400,000 we have the clear indication that customers are ready for the great electric cars now. But are auto-makers ready to make them? Tesla's waiting list now will stretch easily into the next two years, who will fill up the void? In the U.S. GM Bolt will take the lead, but BYD is the real coming global force now. They have their own Lithium Batteries Megafactories in the making in China and Brasil now, building electric buss and lithium batteries facilities in Argentina and have just made the headlines about the security of Lithium Supply. They can buy a lot of time to the market if BYD can ever make a strategic alliance with Tesla and buy Tesla Model 3 power-trains - than we can talk about millions of EVs in China very fast.

Lithium Race: China's LeEco Unveils Electric Concept Car With Sights Set On Industry Leaders.


  "People are asking me what will be the demand for lithium in the future. I know that only short term estimations are 100% increase in lithium demand in the next 5 years based on the coming on-line lithium batteries production facilities by Tesla Gigafactory and Megafactories in China being built by BYD, Foxconn, Boston Power, LG Chem, Samsung, Panasonic and A123. On top of it we should put 17 new lithium batteries start ups in China and announcements about lithium battery factories in Europe by LG Chem, Mercedes and A123. After this week news from Mitsubishi, Volkswagen and Mercedes it will be safe to say that after this advertisement campaign about cancer hazard toxic emissions produced by all cars, people will start to buy the best electric cars instead. Now the question will be how to make them fast for all. 
  In case when all cars will be electric my answer will be: I do not know exactly how big the demand for lithium will be - it is important that we will have enough for us! We are building vertically integrated lithium business with Ganfeng Lithium from China financing our J/V in Argentina and Ireland. China is already the centre of Lithium Universe. It is the largest lithium market, China is rising very fast to claim the number one position in Lithium Battery business and will become the largest market for electric cars after 400% growth in EVs sales like Tesla has tweeted today. Now it is learning to build the best electric cars with the advanced lithium technology - meet LeEco Electric Super Car. Read more."

Warren Buffett And Energy rEVolution: BYD Launches Two New All-electric Vehicles To Expand Its Lineup.


Lithium Race: Tesla Model 3 Base Battery Less Than 60 kWh, “All-In” Pack Costs Already Under $190/kWh!


  This is huge! Tesla Model S and X lithium batteries are already with "All-In" cost per kWh at $190! It is made on the very low volume and before Tesla Gigafactory. We are not even talking about the next step for Lithium Technology - Solid State Lithium Batteries. GM has reported before that GM Bolt will enjoy $145 per kWH pricing, but LG Chem was not very happy with that announcement - I personally suspect that LG Chem was going very aggressive in that pricing just to get into the first electric car for the mass market from GM. All recent developments are pointing out that adoption for Electric Cars will surprise everybody and this tide is coming to take the world over very fast. Read more."

Ireland Lithium For Europe: ILC And Ganfeng - Germany Plans $1.4 Billion In Incentives For Electric Cars.

 This is really big news for us at International Lithium and Ganfeng - finally Germany is putting its act together. CNBC is on all morning on Volkswagen - New York Times reported that there was a Power Point Presentation in 2006 how to cheat on emissions. It is only the beginning of AutoGate - all autos cannot comply with any limits in the real driving conditions. Now Mercedes is under investigation, FIAT, PSA Peugeot, Mitsubishi was rigging fuel consumption data from ... 1991! What does it mean? It means that when you account all costs properly Electric Cars are already cheaper than ICE age once with much better performance. The problem is that we do not have enough good ones.  People are buying all they can get from Tesla Motors. Tesla Model S has already outsold in Europe Audi 8, BMW 7 and Mercedes S in 2015!

  This is the real news without hype: people will buy more EVs now. Germany is igniting the EV boom in Europe's largest auto-market. India, Norway, Netherlands and Austria are all considering banning any new ICE cars to be sold in 2020s! Now the question is how to build millions of electric cars and fast. Daimler, LG Chem and A123 are building lithium batteries factories in Europe now. Tesla is talking to Germany and France on the next Tesla Gigafactory 2 location in Europe. From the last year I am calling for Elon Musk to come to Ireland where we are developing Avalonia J/V with Ganfeng Lithium. In my very personal opinion Ganfeng should be building its own lithium production plant in Ireland right at the doorstep of Europe. After Apple's melt down on the slowing sales of iPhones there are a lot of calls for it to buy into the Next Big Thing and buy Tesla. The automakers that can strike a strategic alliance with Tesla Motors and buy Tesla Model 3 lithium technology and power-trains will make millions of electric cars and take the market over. Will it be China again with its military plan to dominate the post carbon economy after this Next Industrial rEVolution in EnergyRead More.

Lithium Technology Catalyst: Generational Shift From 2 to 7,000 - Video Inside The Tesla Battery.

  As you already know, all cars will be electric. The question now is how fast? What is the technology behind this incredible drive and performance of Tesla electric cars? I would like to share this great video from Tesla Model 3 Owners Club. Now you can have a glance into the Tesla Lithium Battery Technology literally. Tesla Gigafactory is the key to meet the totally unexpected even by Elon Musk demand for Tesla Model 3 now. 400,000 reservations in just two weeks speak volume about the real demand for the best affordable electric cars for the masses. Cheap lithium batteries change everything, now we have to make millions of the best EVs available. 
  Who will join the race to mass market now? GM Bolt will give us the first test of being electric on scale, Tesla Model 3 will start the real tide, but who will make millions of EVs per year now? We have the groundbreaking catalyst in place for the lithium industry. We are shifting from consuming 2 batteries per household in your father's TV remote control to more than 7,000 in Tesla model S. Panasonic which supplies lithium cells to Tesla buys lithium from Ganfeng in China. International Lithium is plugged into development of Ganfeng Lithium Vertically integrated business in China with our J/V in Ireland and Argentina. Maybe you have missed that 28 companies in China are making 51 models of Electric Cars already? They are not competitors to Tesla yet, but are getting there. And by the way, Elon Musk is getting himself into China with Tesla Motors as well. Will we be able to build "Made in USA" best Electric Cars on scale? International Lithium is building the supply chain for North America now. Watch the video"

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