Monday 23 May 2016

Lithium Catalyst For Energy rEVolution - Battery Powered Homes.

  Australia has exceeded 1.4 million homes with Solar power already and now deployment of lithium batteries will increase the speed of this Energy rEVolution even more. This great video explains the latest Lithium Technology for Energy Storage  and Electric Cars. The future is here and it is electric powered by Solar and Lithium Technology. Energy Storage Systems in the future will become even larger market for lithium technology than Electric Cars and demand more Lithium. We are talking here about disruption of $4 trillion Transportation and $8 Trillion Energy Industries. On the links below you can find the latest announcements from Nissan, Tesla and new names moving into the home energy storage market.

The End Of Oil: Tony Seba - The Power Of Lithium Technology Disrupting $12 Trillion Energy and Transportation Industries.

  Tony Seba has made new brilliant video presentation about the disruption of $12 Trillion Energy and Transportation Industries. He is spelling out point by point how this disruption is happening right in front of us and still missed by insiders. By 2020 the tipping point will come when new EVs will be cheaper than comparable ICE cars. By 2025 all new cars will be electric ... globally. Actually, Elon Musk has already accelerated even this very aggressive estimations of technological race: he has announced that already now Tesla can produce lithium batteries with all-in cost of 190 per kWh! Mainstream media and investors are still missing the significance of that advance. It is very interesting, that Tony Seba is talking about Foxconn and its $15k EV as well. Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of this Energy rEVolution. Lithium will be powering us for the next 50 years and after that robots. Now it is time to check again where Lithium for all those electric cars will be coming from. Watch the video."

Lithium Race With Tesla: Nissan Introduces Its Own Powerwall: “xStorage” From $4,500 Installed.


  InsideEVs reports that Nissan is rushing after Tesla as well to disrupt $8 Trillion Energy Industry with home battery storage making Solar power available 24/7. Competition will bring prices down very fast. Now we have active players like Tesla, LG Chem, Mercedes, Samsung, BYD, SAFT, GCL Poly among others in the lithium storage place. Nissan home battery 4.2 kWh unit is priced at $1071 per kWh installed, which is difficult to compare, but looks like much higher than GCL Poly priced at $394 per kWh or Tesla's 10 kWh PowerWall priced at $3,500, which comes to $350 before installation. Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of this Energy rEVolution.

Lithium Technology: GCL Poly Takes On Tesla With Multi-coloured 5.6kWh Battery Storage.



Lithium Technology And Energy rEVolution: How Much Land Would It Take To Power The Entire USA With Solar Energy?

  "Tesla is making headlines in the West, but the real lithium story is happening already in the East. China is taking very seriously New Energy and Solar Power with Electric Cars are strategic industries under the military type planning and execution now. 
  China is already the largest lithium market in the world, taking on the lithium batteries leaders and will become the largest market for electric cars in the world this year. Lithium technology is at the very heart of it. Now we are talking about disruption of $8 Trillion Energy Industry after the explosive growth of electric cars disrupting $4 Trillion Transportation Industry. 
  Cheaper lithium batteries change everything. We can only guess how low the prices for lithium batteries will go in China. Now this GCL Poly system is priced higher than Tesla PowerWall at $394 per kWh. Tesla's 10 kWH PowerWall is priced at $3,5000, which comes to $350 per kWh. Tesla can already produce all-in cost for $190 per kWH for its Model S and X even before Gigafactory is operating at the full scale. It is time to learn the new names. Like 28 companies in China making 51 models of electric cars or GCL Poly taking on Tesla in the energy storage business. International Lithium is plugged into the vertically integrated Ganfeng Lithium business to serve in the future post carbon economy after this Energy rEVolution. Read more."

Race For Renewable Energy Technologies Charges Lithium Market. Chinese Lithium Leader Secures Supply Sources.

BNN: ILC team at Mariana Lithium Project site in Argentina placing access for North-side seismic testing this March

CEO-Roaster With International Lithium Corp.: Building A Green Energy Metals Royalty Company.

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