Friday, 19 February 2016

Nikola Tesla's Dream Comes True: Beautiful Electric Tesla Model 3 Is Coming For As Low As $22k.

  It is a very powerful video and the very inspirational words of Nikola Tesla are matched with the very dramatic visual story. Electric Cars are here, Tesla Model 3 will ignite the mass market for electric cars with GM Bolt this year. Orders will be taken already in March. In order to get Tesla Model 3 for $22k you have to be in the magic land called Colorado in the U.S. Maybe there are some other places on Earth not crippled by Big Oil?

Lithium Race: Tesla Model 3 First Pictures, Priced As Low As $22k After Incentives, Taking Orders In March.

  We have first pictures for Tesla Model 3 now and mass market for electric cars is coming in the fast lane with GM Bolt and Tesla Model 3 driving the Lithium Technology Energy rEVolution right onto the streets near you.

"This point of no return was reached not only because of the exponential take off, finally, in sales of EVs. It was made by Elon Musk alone. Tesla Gigafactory, when Musk has committed billions of dollars with the total lack of any Wall Street accepted visibility, has changed everything. Our Holy Grail for Electric Cars is approaching very fast now. Mass market for EVs will be ignited by the dramatically reduced cost for Lithium Batteries - $100 per kWh will come with the mass production of batteries. Elon Musk has started the Lithium Race. I am writing a lot about Lithium Batteries Megafactories coming now from Foxconn, BYD, LG Chem, Boston Power, Samsung and A123. You can find all these information on my blog, just use the search engine.
  My personal formula for the mass market for electric cars is 20/200. When you pay $20k for 200 miles range electric cars similar to BMW 2. It will literally kill ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars. The average price paid for the new car in U.S. was $23k last year. Will you pay for any ICE cars - if you can have more powerful electric one and run it so much cheaper or even almost free of charge like in the case with Tesla with Tesla Superchargers? We will not have even to consider any more any air pollution which is killing us all or call to the higher consciousness -  economics will do the job. Disruption will happen very fast. People will buy what is better and cheaper - electric cars. Read more."

Lithium Race - Tesla: Model 3 Will Cost As Low As $22k After Incentives, Taking Orders In March.

InsideEVs: Close to the Model 3 reveal, Tesla officially re-confirms $35k pricing.

  InsideEVs reports, that rumours that Tesla Model 3 will not be unveiled in Geneva at the very beginning of March, as it was reported by Elon Musk before, are true. Now we will learn more about Tesla Model 3 "only" at the end of March. But we have more important news today: it is great to see that the pricing before the incentives is confirmed at $35k. Let's the first price wars for electric cars begin between GM Bolt and Tesla Model 3. This aggressive pricing means that in U.S. Tesla Model 3 will be sold below $30k and in some U.S. states even as low as $22k! Colorado will be that magic place to go and buy Tesla where you will get $6k of state tax credit on top of $7.5k federal tax credit. We are getting very fast in this lithium race to my magic 20/200 formula for the mass market for EVs.   Read more."

"We are entering into the new phase of The Next Industrial rEVolution, when electric cars will grow exponentially from the very low base of 0.8% of total sales in the world. Just in China alone 26 companies are now making 51 models of electric cars. China has become the largest lithium market in the world, moves to claim the largest lithium battery market next and will become the largest electric cars marker in the world this year. Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of this Energy rEVolution."

My Outrages Lithium Price Prediction Of $15k per MT Of LCE And Joe Lowry On China Lithium Market Upheaval.


Copyright Global Lithium LLC, used with permission.

  Joe Lowry makes very interesting observations about the dynamic in our Lithium Universe. China is the largest Lithium Market in the world now. Security of Lithium Supply becomes the most important element of your business plan, when market is growing exponentially. It is all happening even before Tesla Gigafactory is coming online with other Lithium Megafactories to follow. My prediction about $15k MT LCE prices in China now suddenly does not look totally outrages any more!

"Asia is taking the very important lead in this space as well. China is not only leapfrogging directly into the Lithium Energy Space with Electric Cars and Solar, but building the advanced materials base for this new Energy rEVolution. Panasonic, Nissan, Toyota, NEC, Sony, Samsung, Huyndai, LG Chem and others are staking its own place in electric cars now. China is the largest Lithium Market in the world already, moving to claim the largest Lithium Battery Producer title and Electric Cars in China will become the largest World's EV market early in the next year.
  Listen to that podcast, read the article about LG Chem and do your own research. Numerous companies are building Lithium Batteries facilities now in China: LG Chem, BYD, Boston Power (Ganfeng Lithium has 10% stake), Foxconn, Samsung, A123 - which will exceed even Tesla Gigafactory production capacity! 17 start ups only this year are trying to capitalise in lithium batteries market on the "War on Pollution" announced by China and state-level plan to build new strategic industry - Electric Cars. Read more."

Lithium Race: Will Price War Between GM Bolt And Tesla Model 3 Bring Us Mass Market For EVs?

  "Finally, GM Bolt is out as production model at CES 2016! What is even better: GM promises to deliver now 200 miles with around $30k price tag! We are getting to my 20/200 EV mass market formula now: when $20k buys you BMW 2 type EV with 200 miles range. The first Price War in the Electric Space is officially on now! GM Bolt is priced "around" $30k and is challenging Tesla Model 3 to be unveiled at Geneva Auto show in March this year. Elon Musk will easily match performance of GM Bolt, in my personal opinion. Tesla can deserve even price premium to GM Bolt: next move from Elon Musk will be very interesting - will he go for the bold statement and the market share by matching GM Bolt at $30k price tag instead of $35k?

  Later, Gigafactory will allow Elon Musk to be more aggressive with pricing with the increased volume, but what will be Tesla's move now? GM Bolt is supplied by LG Chem with lithium batteries: it will be very interesting to know the price and whether LG Chem is going for the market share as well now by selling lithium batteries below cost. I have never heard that LG Chem is working on the next stage of Lithium Solid State Batteries, can somebody help me here, please?
 Lithium Solid State Batteries can be the largest secret around Gigafactory and Tesla Model 3 future. If Elon Musk is really working on it now and will be able to commercialise it - we can talk about $100/kWh lithium battery cost, when 50 kWh lithium battery for Tesla Model 3 will be costing only $5k and will provide at least 200 miles range! Read more."

Lithium Race To Mass Market For Electric Cars: What Do We Know About Tesla’s Secret Model 3?

"The Salt Lake Tribune gives us today a very good summary of what we already know about Tesla Model 3 and I will provide a few links to show why this Lithium Race to mass market for electric cars is picking up speed and we have reached the point of no return. Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of this Energy rEVolution and cheap lithium batteries change everything. Read more."

"The price is right. The base model will cost $35,000, reportedly before government incentives, which in the United States range from $7,500 to more than $13,000, depending on the state."

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