Saturday, 6 February 2016

Back The Brits - Help Save Our Wentworth Tennis Club!





Dear Wentworth Member, 
At the Tennis & Health AGM (T&H), there was a unanimous vote to reject the Reignwood idea, to expel all WC Members and to introduce a so called “Debenture proposal”, as totally unacceptable. 


As such, the T&H Captain for 2016, Kirill Klip, has formed a group of T&H members, under his chairmanship, with the sole aim of opposing the Reignwood plans through co-ordination and partnership alongside both the Golf members and Wentworth Residents.
The group has been called the Wentworth Heritage Group (WHG). The name was chosen in order to differentiate the working parties. The groups will work together as a united front for the greater good of the Club members and the community. Read more."

Dear T&H member, 

The purpose of my note to you today is: 
- To update you on the progress being made by the Members groups to 
jointly save our club and with it the T&H membership 
- To ask for your input and support to achieving this objective 

A lot of hard work is taking place to try and save our T&H club. You 
have probably noticed the press articles but you may not know that there 
has also been a great deal of lobbying with influential stakeholders. 

A full financial analysis of the Club’s proposed ‘debenture’ has been 
produced and now a legal challenge to the new proposals is underway. 

Please take a moment to review the documents and articles in the 
following links: 

Press Articles: 
Financial Analysis of the Club Proposal: 
Legal Letter to Club Owners: 

As a result, the club owners have come to the table, but so far we do 
not have what surely we all want - to keep our T&H membership without 
the excessive financial burden proposed. 

There is a great deal that we can do to continue the pressure and get 
the outcome we all want, but it takes a great deal of support and some 

You can see that our investment in some excellent Legal, Financial and 
PR expertise is beginning to pay off. So far the costs of the campaign 
have fallen on the few, hence your support is essential for this vital 
campaign and an amount of just £50 per member will allow us to continue 
with this plan. You can donate via debit or credit card via the 

Please take the time to read the materials referred to above and in the 
next few days we will send you a short T&H member survey to gather your 
views and thoughts on what you would like to see us all achieve. This 
survey will only be used at an aggregated level and no individual 
responses will be known or used. 

Your responses will ensure that I, your T&H Captain, will be armed with 
your mandate to help me negotiate effectively alongside the other member 
and resident groups. 

We hope as many of you as possible will stay as T&H members in 2016/17, 
and firmly believe our fight will be a stronger one from within the Club 
and through demonstrating the great T&H community we have. 

Please don't be resigned to defeat, together we can win, so please 
support the cause! 

Kirill Klip
Wentworth Club
Tennis Captain, 
Wentworth Heritage Group. 

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