Sunday 14 August 2022

Why Banksters Are "Fighting" the FED with Tether Using Your Money? History Lessons of SEC and DOJ Rug Pulls, Tornado Black Swans and "Liberty Reserve" Black Friday

Specially gifted traders and Cult leaders should not be even bothered. Every single "investor" in any Crypto Dreams must invest 37 min of your time and watch very carefully the history lessons about SEC, IRS and DOJ Rug Pulls from "Liberty Reserve" Black Friday. 

The links below can provide you with the necessary connections to build your own Big Picture View so that you can meditate on the nature of Cults and learn about the US Treasury, SEC, IRS and DOJ Rug Pulls. 

Another "Tornado Black Swan" can kill any of your Crypto Dreams literally overnight. Now, after Binance and Coinbase news about investigations by SEC and DOJ we had Tornado Cash Black Swan "Global Takedown". 

A lot of banksters who turned "Cypherpunks" to unload their "CryptoPunks" VC investments on the ReTail forget to tell you that government has a very effective monopoly on violence. Now banksters crossed the line and threatened the most sacred sovereign function of the Royal Mint: the ability to mint the Sovereign Coin and prosecute everyone who will dare to counterfeit it.

It is not the question of "If?" but the only question of "When?" regulators and law enforcement agencies will bring another "Global Takedown". Please check all your cold wallets in your bag well in advance - you can be hodling it forever.

The timeline of events leading to the next Crypto "Black Friday" can be found on my Twitter feed. Do your own due diligence. Lambs invited "for diner" usually become the main dish. Hedge your Crypto Dreams and be prepared. Help. Others.

"Crypto myths are being dismantled one by one: Bitcoin is NOT Gold 2.0, Bitcoin is not an inflation hedge and Bitcoin is not a new asset class that will take the place of bonds in the "deworsified" model portfolios. Bitcoin is triggering, following and igniting the burst of all bubbles starting with technology sectors."


Update August 15, 2022. 

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