Monday 7 September 2020

The End Of The ICE Age: Electric Cars Are Green And Clean - "Tesla Model 3 Emits 65% Less Lifetime Emissions Than Mercedes-Benz C-Class."

ElecTrek brings us a new report with another very important confirmation of the indisputable scientific facts which we all have known already for quite a while here. Electric Cars are green and clean: "Tesla Model 3 emits 65% less lifetime emissions that Mercedes-Benz C-Class." We are witnessing The World Just Before The Internet again, millions are making The Switch by buying Electric Cars, rEVolution is here and we are at the End of The ICE Age. Electric Cars are already cheaper to own and they will be cheaper to buy very soon as well.

This tectonic shift will bring very far-reaching complications to the established geopolitical balance. We are talking here about the nearest future when Energy Generation will be decentralised with Solar and Wind power generation systems which are connected by smart grids with Energy Storage Systems

Exxon is out of DOW already and even if Tesla was not included in the S&P 500 this time, it does not mean that that it will not happen relatively soon, particularly, after The Battery Day presentations on September 22. 

Last week brought us an important observation that even the best trees are not growing straight up into the sky. Tesla served shorts roasted and delivered quite a few moments of bliss to all engaged before its stock started pulling back. 

Please do not miss a truly tectonic shift in the auto industry happening behind all this drama entertained by the bored with all-time highs Mr Market. Elon Musk's visit to Volkswagen and test driving of VW ID electric cars will signify this life after death experience for all legacy automakers. 

The message from Tesla Gigafactory 4 in the very heart of the motherland for iconic legacy auto brands is loud and clear: change or die altogether in the fumes of your DIEselGate. 

"The Guardian reports that one more study confirms: electric cars are much cleaner than any DIEsel or even petrol cars when you are even using the electricity from the "dirty grid" - when energy mix includes a substantial part of fossil fuels sources. 

In countries like Sweden and France where the energy mix is greener, the benefits of electric cars including the full life cycle starting from production can be as high as 70% compared to "Clean DIEsel" and "Not So Clean Petrol" cars. To be honest with you, I thought that we have passed this stage many years ago with my brave offer to any auto executives to spend a night in the closed garage with a running ICE engine, while I will be in another garage with "running electric motor" of an electric car. So far there were no takers of my proposal."

At TNR Gold, we are one more extremely important step closer to the potential royalty cash flow stream. We have reported a 250% increase in lIthium resources at Mariana Lithium Project in February and now Ganfeng Lithium has reported in there Annual Report 2019:

TNR Gold Royalty Holding On Mariana Lithium Project Operated By Ganfeng: Lithium Resource Increased By More Than 250%, "USD $25 Million Budget Is Proposed For 2020".

Talking about the massive switch to the production of electric cars we must address the secure lithium supply for this exponential growth. This is where TNR Gold Royalty Holding and our strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium are coming into the picture. Among with all doom and gloom, we have the Catalyst in place for GEM Royalty TNR Gold and our very own set of great news this year. In February we have announced:

"Kirill Klip, Executive Chairman of the Company commented, “We are very pleased to see this more than 250% increase in measured and indicated resources from the 2017 resource estimate at Mariana and that Ganfeng Lithium is advancing this project in Argentina towards further updated PEA and pre-feasibility studies. The Mariana Project preliminary economic assessment (“PEA”), as announced in our news release of January 28, 2019, was the first PEA on the project that provided a potential value for the total NSR Royalty from Mariana’s life of mine cashflow. TNR Gold does not have to contribute any capital for development of Mariana and our NSR Royalty does not depend on the size of ILC’s potentially diluted ownership in the Mariana Project. The 1.8% Mariana NSR Royalty is an important part of TNR Gold’s portfolio. The essence of our business model is to have industry leaders like Ganfeng Lithium as operators on the projects that will potentially generate royalty cashflows to contribute significant value for our shareholders.”


Tesla Model 3 emits 65% less lifetime emissions than Mercedes-Benz C-Class, study shows

"A new study looked into the lifetime emissions of electric vehicles versus gas-powered counterparts and concluded that Tesla Model 3 emits about 65% less lifetime emissions than the Mercedes-Benz C-Class.

For years, automakers and the fossil fuel industry have pushed the idea that electric vehicles are worse for the environment than diesel and gasoline-powered vehicles because they are powered by dirty electricity.

Such a study came out of Germany last year and it was highly cited in the media even though it had significant flaws and it was mostly debunked.

Now a new study coming from Eindhoven University of Technology broke down in detail the mistakes made in the original study and shows how electric vehicles produce less emissions over their lifetimes even after accounting for the production phase.

The new study has specifically highlighted 6 mistakes made in the studies finding that EVs emits more pollution than gasoline cars:

  1. Exaggerate GHG emissions of battery production
  2. Underestimate battery lifetime
  3. Assume electricity will not get cleaner over the lifetime of the car
  4. Use laboratory tests paid for by manufacturers themselves
  5. Exclude or downplay fuel production emissions
  6. Ignore the larger system"


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