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Powered By rEVolution: TNR Gold Los Azules Copper Royalty Holding With McEwen Mining - 4 Copper Projects To Boost San Juan’s Economy With Potential To Generate $129B In Export.

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I would like to wish you a very healthy and prosperous New Year 2020! Finally, a lot of stars are aligned to bring the wind into our sails and guide us in the open seas towards the realising shareholders' value for all our devoted followers here. 

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Gold is challenging Summer 2019 high and M&A activity is driving more interest to our Shotgun Gold project. Billionaires are competing with Central Banks who are frontrunning investors by buying gold. Most retail investors will be left studying the road maps we are talking about here in the history books but unable to start the journey and take the action when it is appropriate. Only you can make your own journey to your own destination. 

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Buy low, sell high - it's so simple but almost impossible to do it right for so many. I am not pretending to be smarter or more disciplined than others. We just stayed in this game long enough to be here when the tide is coming. We have accumulated as many assets as we can so that we can benefit from this generational opportunity when MMT (Madness of Monetary Tranquillizers prescribed and administered by Central Banks) will collide with rEVolution.  

We have been talking about these megatrends, tectonic shifts in our society and signs for years, now it is finally happening. Talk is cheap, the money will tell all the story when they will take the position and only after that you will start hearing about "the next unbelievable opportunity". You know, what I am talking about here - I will provide the road maps and a lot of charts, as usual, but you will have to Do Your Own Research and pick up the winners. I know mine.

We have been discussing the very small and interconnected mining world here a lot, it helps us to manage our development risk and to navigate between booms and busts of the commodity cycles:

"For all our followers it will be a very interesting situation. TNR Gold is holding NSR Royalty on the entire Los Azules Copper in San Juan, Argentina. The "sleeping giant" - as Rob McEwen calls it - is being developed by McEwen Mining. Rob McEwen has partnered with Eric Sprott and Electrum Group in the quest for the next Donlin Gold in Alaska - the giant gold project which is being developed by JV between Nova Gold and Barrick Gold. The new venture is making waves in the industry after first drilling results and bought financing last week. TNR Gold is advancing Shotgun Gold near the Donlin Gold in Alaska and looking for a strategic partner to grow together and now Barrick Gold is looking for strategic copper for growth. The mining world is really small once you start counting respectable people with money."

Few very important rules must be applied by those who will succeed in the end: the entry point is the most important in every investment. It is always the riskiest and most difficult stage in the very beginning, but the low entry point will elevate your odds of success in the future when your initial investment will be facing the coming challenges and volatility. 

"You have just to pick something which will not go into the ground before even taking off the runway basically". Bitcoin will be the great explanation here for all Millenials who are chasing it now. The entry point was beautiful ... ten years ago. 

Another very important mining investment rule will be to follow those who know what they are doing, those who had success. They must have the capital and necessary staying power to cross the desert when excitement for a particular commodity is drying out. Over very many years I have been studying this magic in the most expensive university in the world and Mr Market was my brilliant, brutal and unforgiving Master. Now it is time to apply this magic and pick up the rewards. 

TNR Gold is holding Royalties with McEwen Mining on Los Azules Copper and on Mariana Lithium with Ganfeng Lithium operating that JV. These industry leaders are developing copper and lithium projects which are providing TNR Gold shareholders with options on the exponential growth of rEVolution without any time decay and without exessive dilution pressure due to the requirements to invest our own capital. We are investing here in the potential success stories = that Rob McEwen and Ganfeng Lithium can develop these assets in Argentina. 

Here we are talking about another very important rule applied brilliantly by a lot of mining entrepreneurs, which I learnt from Lukas Lundin during the unbelievable run of Tenke Mining: "Politics will change, the best projects with resources will stay". Needless to say that Argentina now will easily qualify for a lot of chapters in the future "How They Made It" books providing the confirmation of these mining success rules of thumb ... if success will follow these unique entry points provided by the distressed valuations. 

BN Americas is presenting a very good overview of the current situation in San Juan, Argentina. There is a very interesting approach being presented in order to unlock the value of these projects which can potentially generate $129B in export in the future. 

Hopefully, financial sense and economic values will prevail for this kind of projects which can bring so desired economic growth and prosperity to the proud people of Argentina. It can happen if politicians will allow them to build the Energy Power House - which this beautiful country can become with its vast copper and lithium resources. 

Below you can find Rob McEwen's update on the Los Azules project development as well. We are building The Green Energy Metals Royalty and Gold Company and our business model at TNR Gold provides the unique entry point into the different stages of the mining cycle ranging from blue sky excitement stage of the new discovery and to the potential Royalty cash flows from the projects being developed by the industry majors. We are in the right Company to benefit from the potential of this "Sleeping Giant" as Rob McEwen is calling the Los Azules Copper project.

TNR Gold GEM Royalty Company Powered By Energy rEVolution: Rob McEwen Talks About Gold, Silver And Giant Los Azules Copper Project.

BN Americas:

"This year, four Argentine copper projects will come closer to production in San Juan province. 
San Juan's mining chamber forecast a boost for the province over the next four decades if JosemaríaLos AzulesEl Pachón and Altar mines reach the production phase and the tax collection system is modified. 
According to the chamber's report, by 2060 the projects could generate around US$129bn in exports (before taxes) of which US$37.1bn would remain in San Juan and US$45.3bn represent taxes for the finance ministry. For every US$1 imported US$24 could be exported. 
Construction works for the mines could generate around 20,000 jobs. 
But to reach those numbers, the local mining chamber suggests some changes in the tax collection system. For example, authorities should allow a return of investment within 7-10 years after construction, as export duties should be charged only from the sixth year of operation.
These measures could come with a requirement to commit to exploration investment.
The report also suggests a plan to guarantee development to local providers and sustainable development to local communities, and transparency in the use of natural resources. 
BNamericas' database shows two of the four projects are in the feasibility phase, one in the pre-feasibility and one in the advanced exploration phase. 
This copper, gold and silver project (pictured), controlled by Vancouver-based Josemaría Resources, will require a US$2.7bn investment. It will have a 20-year mine life and produce 125,000t/y of copper, 230,000oz/y of gold and 790,000oz/y of silver. According to Josemaría's latest corporate presentation, the feasibility study will be completed by 1H20.  
The US$300mn copper asset controlled by Switzerland's Glencore would produce 200,000t/y of copper for 30 years. Its feasibility study is planned to be ready by 2021 and construction could start in 2020, with production starting by 2025.
Controlled by Toronto-based McEwen Mining, the US$2.3bn copper project is currently in the pre-feasibility stage and will have a 36-year mine life with a production of 185,000t/y.
Country manager Carlos Liggesmeyer told Bnamericas that the company's 2020 plans include an exploratory footprint to define the feasibility of the northern access road construction and environmental monitoring work to update the environmental impact study.
Owned by Vancouver-based Aldebaran Resources, this copper-gold project is under an advanced exploration program. Last October a new mineralized porphyry center has been discovered at the property."

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