Monday, 9 October 2017

Lithium Race Back In The Future Against Time: Tesla Model 3 Body Line Slowed Down 1/10th Speed And Full Speed.

No, this video is not the reason for Tesla missing its own production targets. Lines are busy at the real 100% speed making new Model 3 electric cars. There is a lot of talk about Tesla production rate for Model 3 these days. Instead of projected 1,500 Tesla has made only just over 200 Model 3 cars. Elon Musk was on record talking about "production hell" at the very beginning of the S-curve ramping up the production. There are reports that production problems are related seats, headlamps and other parts of the assembly lines. 

Today we can appreciate how Tesla Model bodies are made at 1/10 of the actual speed. A lot of these initial production problems Tesla will overcome by the end of the year. I am more concerned whether Tesla has really secured the supply of the critical commodity going into every single lithium battery. It will be an enormous risk for the whole supply chain of Tesla if only Panasonic will be producing lithium cathode for cells to be made at Gigafactory. Samsung is supplying some cells for Tesla Powerwalls now, but this reliance on just two supplies can become a crucial bottleneck in the nearest future.

Great Wall, automaker from China has made a deal securing lithium supply from Pilbara in September, this is the only way to go in the future. Only diversified sources of lithium supply can allow the development of necessary lithium supply for electrification of transportation. Whether it is 100 million tones to be produced by 2050 or "just" 36 million tones of Lithium (LCE) - mining industry needs billions of dollars invested today to bring results in 3-5 years down the road. This kind of money can be coming now from serious automakers and lithium battery makers into the best lithium projects.

International Energy Agency: In Order To Limit Temperature Increase Below 2ยบ C The Number Of Electric Cars Needs To Reach 600 Million By 2040.

"The cost of lithium batteries is going down very fast and I believe that fully electric cars will rule the world very soon. Tesla Model 3 with 65 kWh lithium battery provides over 200 miles of range and will become the standard in the industry with its mass volume production from this July. There is around 60 kg of LCE (Lithium Carbonate Equivalent) in one Tesla Model 3 battery. We will need 36 Million Tonnes of LCE to be produced by 2040 to put this IEA plan into life. 

To put it into perspective, the total lithium production last year was around 200,000 T of LCE. Now you can better understand why there is the real cut throat competition for the security of lithium supply which is still hidden from the most of the people by the clouds of toxic cancer hazard fumes emitted by all DIEsel cars on our roads. ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) are on the way out, all cars will be electric very soon and we are facing the total disconnect between the coming demand for lithium and the available supply. Read more."

International Lithium's JVs With Ganfeng Lithium Is An Entry Point To A Vertically Integrated Business With An Industry Giant From China. 

International Lithium's (TSXV: ILC) Joint Ventures with Ganfeng Lithium in Argentina and Ireland is an entry point to a vertically integrated lithium business with a USD $6 Billion market cap industry giant from China. ILC's strategy is to build VC Capital in a number of M&A transactions. Construction of ILC Royalty Portfolio is our underlining business model. International Lithium's stake in the Mariana joint venture is of particular interest for OEMs entering into the electric car and lithium battery business looking to secure their long term lithium supply. Read more.
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