Saturday, 17 June 2017

The Secrets Of Tesla Model S. The Switch: EVs And Lithium Race - How Does An Electric Car Work?

It is time to educate ourselves why electric cars will be taking the world over in the next few years by storm. The auto industry is still talking about just some percentage of total auto sales being electric. We are talking here what will happen if all cars will be electric and much faster than you think? The total disruption of transportation industry and energy with utilities are next. Exponential growth will be driven by mass volume lithium batteries production with the dramatic reduction in total cost of electric cars.

Elon Musk TED Talk: We Need 100 Gigafactories To Go 100% Renewable Energy And Tesla Will Announce 3 or 4 This Year.

The real test to the market and supply chains for Energy rEVolution will come with the coming tide of Electric Cars and the following tsunami of Energy Storage. Bloomberg has recently reported that there will be more than 120 models of electric cars by 2020 and you should not be surprised as we have discussed here before that there are more than 70 models of electric cars on sale in China already. The next few years will determine who will have the keys to the new Energy rEVolution and control the supply chains. Hungry Dragons are flying high already and mostly in China, the question remains who and how will feed them without fear of being burnt in the process. Read more.

Lithium Race: Electric Car Sales Are Surging And Number Of EVs On The Road Rocketed To 2 Million.

Bloomberg reports about the surge in sales of electric cars and it is happening before the real mass market phase has even started. The number of EVs on the road rocketed to 2 million and it is only the beginning. It took us all human history to get to 1 million of electric cars on the road by early 2015 and only a year more to reach 2 million of EVs! Now you can see what I am talking about: 30% EVs market penetration by 2030 is considered very ambitious, what will happen to lithium supply if all cars will be electric by that time? 

UBS has moved their estimation of cost parity between EVs and ICE cars from 2021 to 2018 now. This transition is happening very fast and you have to listen to Elon Musk to understand it, but then look at China to really see it. Megafactories to produce lithium batteries are mushrooming all over the place there.

Ganfeng Lithium has finally closed its deal with Lithium Americas and now Argentina will be becoming the real Powerhouse of Energy rEVolution. Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of this Energy rEVolution and International Lithium is Lithium Strategic Investments and Royalty Company which is plugged-in the most dynamic EV and Energy Storage markets in China with partners like a giant from China Ganfeng Lithium. Read more.

Tesla Officials Visit Argentina’s Governor Of Salta For Solar And Storage Projects And Sourcing Lithium.

ElectTrek reports that "salt on the salad'": this is how Elon Musk has described lithium before - must be very important for Tesla's digestive system after all. I am writing here extensively about the coming control of the Lithium supply by Chinese companies who are very aggressively buying all the best lithium projects worldwide. It is very difficult to pretend anymore that any lithium will be coming from any signed by Tesla agreements with some junior miners in the nearest future. Lithium cathode is still produced by Panasonic for Tesla Gigafactory. Read more.

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