Friday, 16 June 2017

Lithium Race: Tesla In Talks With India To Help Eliminate All Fossil-Fuel Cars By 2030.

With this kind of developments all lithium supply and demand models adopted by the industry can be thrown away. Electric cars are coming much faster than a lot of people think. The largest auto market in the world in China goes electric with millions of EVs being sold in years to come and India: the third largest auto market in the world - is talking about all cars being by 2030! Security of lithium supply is everything now for the mushrooming Lithium Batteries Megafactories.

International Lithium – The Chinese Bet On Salares.

Lithium Salares. InvestorIntel.

  Christopher Ecclestone has written a piece with the depth of knowledge of lithium industry I have not seen for a long time.  He was one of the very first analysts covering the Lithium 1.0 Rush in 2008-2009. TNR Gold, our holding company which now has over 20% stake in International Lithium, was holding all lithium assets which were later spun off in the IPO with Ganfeng Lithium. TNR Gold went from 3 cents that year to over 30 cents in 2009.  
  The first hype came and was gone with numerous companies along with it, only the strongest have survived. Now we have the solid fundamentals about the Lithium 2.0 Launch. Electric cars are here and EVs for the mass market are coming now in the fast lane onto our streets. International Lithium is still very tightly held with TNR Gold holding over 20%, Ganfeng Lithium at 15% and myself with just under 10%. I would like to use this opportunity and thank all ILC Team and our partners helping us to build International Lithium as one of the most active lithium exploration and development companies in the world. We have CAD $17 million budgeted for the development of our projects on 3 continents. Today you can find more information on our company and our strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium.
  Please carefully read my legal disclaimer and never make any investment decisions without consulting with your preferred qualified financial advisor. You can find all latest information about our company on International Lithium website and in filings on SEDAR and SEDI. Read more.

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