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TNR Gold And Los Azules Copper: McEwen Leads Extraordinary List Of Mining Hall Of Fame Inductees.

"This exemplary group of mining experts, innovators and pioneering Canadians are global leaders of the highest caliber," said Bill Roscoe, Chair, Canadian Mining Hall of Fame.

When we start talking about mining and investing in the same sentence, it must be followed by risk, extraordinary returns and people who made it happen. You have never heard about thousands of entrepreneurs who failed, you read only about a few who made it big. Rob McEwen - Mr. GoldCorp himself is one of those precious masters who keeps the doors of investment banks open for the mining community. 

It is a very old definition of a gold mine: "A hole in the ground with a liar at the top." For so many investors, unfortunately, it was proven right. The dreams and the real men of integrity with dreams are two very different things and brutal reality separates people and their money in mining very fast. It is a very rough statistic, but out of every 1,000 drill holes only 10 will return the mineralization justifying the further exploration with a necessary scale indicating an economic potential of the project, then only 5 will confirm the economic deposit and you are very lucky if the 2-3 will ever become a mine.

McEwen Mining.

Very early into this game, I have learned to stick with the best people in the industry who has made it before. The story of Veladero Gold project in Argentina where Lukas Lundin family has invested $16 million in the developing of the project which was later bought by Homestake (Barrick Gold) for $300 million will get your attention.  Lukas Lundin was teaching me as his very happy investor in Tenke Mining and other companies to trade exploration risk for political one: countries can change, one-off incredible gigantic deposits will stay. And if you are lucky they can become yours. Lucas Lundin and Tenke Mining story deserve a full book as a part of MBA in mining investment and economics. 

Now I do hope that Rob McEwen is writing another one. This time in Argentina. Giant Los Azules Copper is ready for further development. Argentina is moving very fast in the right direction, just recently the debt issuance was oversubscribed and hundreds of millions are coming in the hot lithium mining sector now, with International Lithium strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium from China making headlines these days. Now Rob McEwen is talking about the turnaround in the mining environment in Argentina and his new outlook for Los Azules development. A new budget is allocated for the project including new drilling and new PEA is coming soon to start the high-grade operations and dramatically reduce the CAPEX for the project.

We have met with Rob on the different sides of the tennis court and you can really appreciate the master only after you have played a great match. Now TNR Gold is enjoying Royalty held on all Los Azules project among its other assets and all these different pieces are finally coming together. We have Rob McEwen with his Midas Touch, Energy rEVolution which will propel demand for the Green Red Metal and the giant copper deposit in the country anxious to reignite its growth. Now it is only a matter of time when the magic words "value for shareholders will be realized". Rob not only knows these words very well but he is judging all his action by this motto. 

Nothing will come easy in this life. Sticking to the best can only bring you some comfort. The magic comes only after DYOR: Do Your Own Research. You cannot find here any investment advice, but only my chronicles of the ups and downs leading to the tops. Only a few have really made it big, the article below is about them and Rob McEwen is in the lead. 

McEwen Mining.

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McEwen Mining.

TNR Gold And McEwen Mining Los Azules: Argentina And Copper Are Back.

Now you can hear about Los Azules Copper from Rob McEwen himself, from 5' if you are in a hurry.

TNR Gold and McEwen Mining Los Azules: Copper Explodes Above $6,000 With Prices Set For Best Week Ever.


  "Dr. Copper is getting excited with the prospect of the returned growth in China and "The Wall" being built. Can you imagine how much copper do we need for all that security lighting on that Wall? Copper means infrastructure and we need a lot of it now. Everybody is searching for the new drivers for GDP growth as central banksters are getting out of favor and cannot really deliver anything more. 2% of GDP growth with the real Inflation hitting over 5% - it is called Deflation. All commodities have been indicating exactly that during last few years of the meltdown. But not anymore, a new phase will come with the Energy rEVolution manufacturing infrastructure being put in place now. China is leading the world here, but nobody can allow being left behind. It is all about business now after all. 
  First Rio Tinto went positive on China and copper respectively a few weeks ago and later BHP was talking about the electrification of transportation as the major driving trend for the demand of industrial metals going forward. Now we have the most important part of this development - real capital is flowing into the sector.
  TNR Gold is sitting tight with its assets in Los Azules giant copper project in Argentina managed by McEwen Mining. We had a change of the government over there this year with the new pro-business mining friendly policies being implemented. Now we have Dr. Copper supporting our case for the growth. Los Azules copper project is very highly leveraged to the copper price and McEwen Mining, according to the reported news, is conducting its new PEA reflecting the reduced CAPEX and start with a high-grade operation to advance the project faster. 
  Please carefully read my legal disclaimer and you can find all latest financial information about TNR Gold and International Lithium on SEDAR and SEDI. Please never make any investment decisions without consulting with your preferred qualified financial adviser. Read more."



Canadian Mining And Energy:

McEwen leads extraordinary list of Mining Hall of Fame Inductees

TORONTO, Jan. 12, 2017 /CNW/ - Canadian mining giant Robert McEwen leads a list of outstanding Inductees for the 29th Annual Canadian Mining Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. This year the Hall of Fame will add five outstanding new inductees to join the long list of extraordinary Canadian mining leaders at the annual dinner held at the Metro Toronto Convention Center.
"We are very proud to continue our tradition of recognizing the careers and leadership demonstrated by those who have made outstanding contributions to the mining sector," said Bill Roscoe, Chair, Canadian Mining Hall of Fame.  "This exemplary group of mining experts, innovators and pioneering Canadians are global leaders of the highest caliber," says Roscoe.

2017 Inductees

James Carter is a giant in the history of Canada's oil sands and an exemplary leader in their sustainable development. He transformed Fort McMurray, Alberta into a powerful economic engine for the nation while building Syncrude Canada into one of the world's largest and most successful energy producers.
Robert (Rob) McEwen is one of Canada's most innovative, original and dynamic mining entrepreneurs. He is best known for transforming Goldcorp Inc. from a holding company into a global gold-mining powerhouse and revitalizing Ontario's Red Lake gold mine.
Donald McLeod is a revered and iconic figure in Canada's mining industry and an inspirational role model for young mining entrepreneurs. Born in Stewart, BC, he is best known for developing the Brandywine and Summit gold mines in BC, and for making high-grade gold discoveries at the Brucejack project.
William (Steve) Vaughan has helped elevate the stature of Canada's mining industry at home and abroad as a leading expert and advisor on natural resource law, project finance and mineral policy matters for more than 40 years.
John Zigarlick, Jr. was a visionary mine-maker and company-builder who left an enduring legacy in Canada's North through innovative infrastructure development and the formation of progressive Aboriginal business partnerships.
The Canadian Mining Hall of Fame Awards Dinner provides a world-class venue to pay tribute to the talent and integrity of professionals in Canada's mining industry. New for 2017, the Annual Awards Dinner has moved to a new home at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. 
More information about the Canadian Mining Hall of Fame is available at
SOURCE: Canadian Mining Hall of Fame"

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