Thursday, 11 August 2016

Lithium Race: China’s Tech Giant LeEco To Invest $1.8 Billion To Build 400,000 Internet-connected Electric Cars A Year.

  Wall Street Journal reports that Chinese tech giant LeEco is getting serious with its claims to join the Lithium Race. Lithium technology is here, people are ready to buy the best electric cars like Tesla Model 3. Now we have to make millions of them and fast. The real New Energy rEVolution is happening now in China where 25 companies are producing 51 models of Electric Cars already.  
  China exercises the military plan to control Lithium Materials market (Done), Lithium Batteries market (In the process) and leapfrog the century-old "ICE age" technology straight into the New Energy: Electric Cars powered by Solar and Wind. China is already the largest market for electric cars from the last year. BYD with Warren Buffett's stake is the number 1 manufacturer of EVs, including electric buses. 
  Here you can find more information to contemplate on the far-reaching geopolitical consequences of this approach with state-level planning "How To Get Off Oil Needle ASAP." Now we can add on the top of this war games strategic planning  all our environmental concerns. Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of this Energy rEVolution. The big secret in our very small industry is that there is no lithium under Tesla Gigafactory floor in Nevada. Will we wake up here before it's too late this time?

Lithium Race: China's LeEco Unveils Electric Concept Car With Sights Set On Industry Leaders.


  "People are asking me what will be the demand for lithium in the future. I know that only short term estimations are 100% increase in lithium demand in the next 5 years based on the coming on-line lithium batteries production facilities by Tesla Gigafactory and Megafactories in China being built by BYD, Foxconn, Boston Power, LG Chem, Samsung, Panasonic and A123. On top of all these Megafactories, we should put 17 new lithium batteries start-ups in China and announcements about lithium battery factories in Europe by LG Chem, Mercedes and A123. After this week news from Mitsubishi, Volkswagen and Mercedes it will be safe to say that after this advertisement campaign about cancer hazard toxic emissions produced by all cars, people will start to buy the best electric cars instead. Now the question will be how to make them fast for all. 
  In the case when all cars will be electric my answer will be: I do not know exactly how big the demand for lithium will be - it is important that we will have enough for us! We are building the vertically integrated lithium business with Ganfeng Lithium from China financing our J/V in Argentina and Ireland. China is already the centre of Lithium Universe. It is the largest lithium market, China is rising very fast to claim the number one position in Lithium Battery business and will become the largest market for electric cars after 400% growth in EVs sales like Tesla has tweeted today. Now it is learning to build the best electric cars with the advanced lithium technology - meet LeEco Electric Super Car. Read more."

Ganfeng And International Lithium In EV Race: 25 Companies Are Making 51 Models Of Electric Cars In China Already.

Lithium Race: World’s Top 10 Selling Plug-In Electric Cars And Top 10 Manufacturers – May 2016.


  "We are all excited by Tesla's headlines and the coming new catalyst for the lithium market with the opening of Gigafactory later this month, but the real story of the lithium race is happening in China right now. China has become the largest auto market in the world for electric cars last year and BYD has become already the biggest manufacturer of electric cars in the world this year. Waren Buffett holds the stake in BYD and this New Energy conglomerate is taking the world with its electric buses and electric cars. This year BYD has moved into utility energy storage as well in the U.S.  with EDF.
  It is called The New Energy in China and is a part of the 5-year plans which are exercised with military discipline for the last few decades. Electric Cars, Solar and Wind power with lithium battery domination are all parts of the building of this strategic industry in China to rule in the 21st century.
  25 companies are making 51 models of electric cars in China already and they are not all Teslas yet but are getting very fast there. The whole new strategic industry is being created from scratch and companies like Ganfeng Lithium are growing very fast from $3 million dollars in sales in 2000 to $4.5 billion in market cap now.Ganfeng Lithium is the strategic partner of International Lithium and finances our two J/V projects in Ireland and Argentina. In this EV race into the 21st-century Energy rEVolution, the security of lithium supply becomes the most important factor for the leaders to keep their dominant position in the fast-changing marketplace. Read more."

The Wall Street Journal:

China’s LeEco to Invest $1.8 Billion to Build Electric Car Plant

The plant is expected to have an annual production capacity of 400,000 battery-powered vehicles 

Chinese technology and entertainment company LeEco plans to build a 12 billion yuan ($1.8 billion) factory in China to produce smart, internet-connected electric cars.

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