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China's New Energy Plan: Joe Lowry's Food For Thought - Lithium Hydroxide Cash Cost Comparison.

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  Joe Lowry shares with us another insight from his "Opaque Lithium Kingdom". China exercises the military plan to control Lithium Materials market (Done), Lithium Batteries market (In the process) and leapfrog the century-old "ICE age" technology straight into the New Energy: Electric Cars powered by Solar and Wind. China is already the largest market for electric cars from the last year. BYD with Warren Buffett's stake is the number 1 manufacturer of EVs, including electric buses. Below you can find more information to contemplate on the far-reaching geopolitical consequences of this approach with state-level planning "How To Get Off Oil Needle ASAP." Now we can add on the top of this war games strategic planning  all our environmental concerns. Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of this Energy rEVolution. The big secret in our very small industry is that there is no lithium under Tesla Gigafactory floor in Nevada. Will we wake up here before it's too late this time?

Joe Lowry: The Top Five Lithium Market Myths.

Copyright Global Lithium LLC, used with permission.

  "Joe Lowry is sharing with us another insight into his "Opaque Lithium Kingdom" and I will share along with his previous post some links providing more info on the $4.5 Billion giant from China Ganfeng Lithium and its approach to secure the supply of lithium raw materials. Read more."

"Ganfeng exports and produces over 20 unique lithium products.In addition, it has developed an innovative patented technology that significantly shortens the standard production process. To support their expanding global operations, Ganfeng has taken steps to secure its future supply by investing heavily in a Canadian company called International Lithium Corp (TSX.V: ILC)." Peter Cole.

The Lithium Boom Goes On: China's Electric Car Sales Up 162% So Far This Year.

  "China is moving in the fast lane to dominate the Energy rEVolution with record Solar and Wind Energy installations and now with record sales of EVs. It took Chevy Volt 7 long years to reach 100,000 in sales in the US which we have celebrated this month, BYD has sold 33,000 in just 6 months of this year. Now with 170,000 in EVs sales in 2016 China is solidly ahead of the US with 64,000 in Plug-In sales. Tesla has confirmed yesterday that it will produce 50,000 electric cars in the second half of the year bringing total sales to 80,000 in 2016. The real tide will come with GM Bolt being shipped later this year and Tesla Model 3 coming in 2017. 
  China is the largest market for electric cars and home for the number one manufacturer of EVs in the world - BYD New Energy giant backed by Warren Buffett. There are 25 companies in China now producing 51 models of electric cars, China is the largest lithium market in the world and its state-level policy to secure lithium supply is years ahead of anybody in the West.  International Lithium is plugged-in into this lithium race by building the vertically integrated lithium business with Ganfeng Lithium in Argentina and Ireland and developing secure lithium supply for North America in Canada now. Read more."

Lithium Race Towards Energy rEVolution: China Plans To Dominate Clean Tech Race.


 Shin Wei Ng and Jonathan Gaventa report on China's plan to dominate cleantech race with its New Energy strategic industries based on Electric Cars and renewable energy like Solar and Wind. China moves very fast according to its 13th Five Year Plan with military execution and totally dominating the Solar and Lithium space already now when Europe is still choking on Dieselgate being at the mercy of politicians holding all EU back. Now you can better appreciate how Ganfeng Lithium has become the $4.5 Billion market cap giant in China in just 16 years. Read more."

Energy rEVolution: As Lithium Demand Grows, China 'Charged Up And Ready To Grow'.

   "Tesla Gigafactory "Grand Opening" this week on July 29th has brought Lithium back into headlines. CNBC is pushing the story out after UBS and Goldman Sachs have endorsed Electric Cars and Lithium respectively. I will not be very cynical here, but you can get the drift. In my very personal opinion, there is NO Lithium underneath the Tesla Gigafactory floor. The Lithium Launch 2.0 will separate hype and daydreams from people with dreams and solid lithium projects advanced with strong major lithium end-users as strategic partners. Just always make your very own DD and otherwise the story is right: all cars will be electric very soon and powered by Lithium Technology. 
  I was very impressed during Benchmark Minerals Intelligence Battery Supply Conference hosted by UBS this June in London when UBS basically killed any hydrogen dreams left and pronounce that battery powered electric cars are the future for transportation. According to UBS just in a few years time, we will reach the cost ownership parity between electric cars and ICE ones powered by diesel and gasoline. It will be the major tipping point  and China is leading the way. Lithium X gained my respect after its presentation when they have stated that very substantial claims in Nevada are on hold and no investment is planned to advance them before the new lithium extraction technology for that region can be developed. There are enough known lithium resources to make all our transportation electric, lithium is even in the sea water - the trick is to extract it economically and in time to meet the rising demand. My very personal estimations are for 100% increase in the next 5 years and Goldman Sachs is talking now about lithium demand tripling by 2025. Now add here all the rumors about Electric Cars from Apple, Foxconn; and Jaguar Land Rover, BMW and  Ford being in talks about building their own lithium batteries "Gigafactory" to compete with Tesla.
  International Lithium goes with its strategic partners to the places where Lithium is and not just Tesla and its Gigafactory. Ganfeng Lithium is $4.5 Billion market cap giant from China with 19 patents and the only company able to produce lithium from both hard rock and brine sources. Ganfeng invests heavily in International Lithium and finances our two J/V s in Ireland and Argentina.  And the real lithium race is happening in China already where 25 companies are making 51 models of electric cars.  Read more."

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