Thursday, 18 June 2015

Frank Holmes: A Summer Rally In Store For Gold?

  Very interesting fact from Frank Holmes: Merrill Lynch has come out with the report - in the past 25 years out of 27 Gold has bottomed between mid June and mid July and went on for a big rally. Frank talks about Solar Power and Silver as well.

"Kitco News takes Gold Game Film on the road with Frank Holmes where he comments on the upcoming Federal Open Market Committee meeting on Wednesday and shares his thoughts on how he expects it to affect the gold market this week. Holmes also says Greece’s debt situation is on precious metals investors’ radars as well as the U.S. dollar. Tune in now to this special edition of Gold Game Film in San Antonio, Texas to find out what his touchdown pass of the week is for gold. Kitco News, June 15, 2015."

TNR Gold: Shotgun Gold Project Development in Alaska.

  Nova Gold has published its new presentation for PDAC 2015. Now you can find more information about Alaska as mining jurisdiction and Donlin Gold type of Gold deposit. TNR Gold owns 100% of Shotgun Gold project in Alaska, which has very similar geology to Donlin Gold, according to Greg Johnson - one of the founders of Nova Gold.

"Never fight Central Banks - they have unlimited resources and can print all the money they want until the total breakdown in the system. The war on Deflation is on and ECB has unleashed its own QE with 1 Trillion Euro to be printed for a start. I would not bet on the end of the world, but would do definitely on Inflation. The desire to destroy the FIAT currencies by Central banks is almost unstoppable. Gold is surging in all currencies now and we are entering the new stage, when All FIAT currencies will depreciate against Gold. Nobody was interested in Gold projects with Gold sliding last few years, now it is time to look at the best ones, providing the scale for the new significant discoveries. 
We had the major news for Alaska Gold mining industry from our neighbours last year - Donlin Gold is moving forward! NOVAGOLD and TNR Gold were developing Shotgun Gold project together and in 2010 our company has consolidated the project and now owns 100% of it. NOVAGOLD has received TNR Gold's shares and warrants. Greg Johnson - one of the founders of NOVAGOLD has joined TNR Gold board after our very impressive results from the drilling program in the Fall 2012. Please watch the video to find out his personal statement: Read more."

"The mineralization style observed at Shotgun Ridge bears a strong resemblance to the 40 million ounce deposit at the Donlin Gold project operated by Barrick and NovaGold," stated recently appointed director Greg Johnson, "The similar age and host intrusive rocks suggest that, with continued exploration, there is significant potential to locate larger volumes of mineralization in and around Shotgun Ridge."