Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Peter Schiff: Gold Still On Launch Pad As We Start 2015.

Just to cheer all Gold investors before the Christmas!

"Kitco News speaks with Peter Schiff to get his forecasts for gold in this special outlook edition. Last time Schiff was on the show, he said he expects gold price to take a “rocket ship back up” and we wanted to know if he has since changed his tune. He is still bullish on gold and says the U.S. economy is not as strong as people perceive it to be. “I think [gold] is set up perfectly and I think it’s still on that launch pad,” he says. “I do believe you are going to see panic buying in the gold market because it’s really going to be panic selling of the dollar.” Schiff adds that too many people believe in what he called a “phony recovery” and warns that a rude awakening is coming when the Fed, instead of raising rates, launches a QE4 to keep the economy from slipping back into a recession. Tune in now to find out why Schiff doesn’t think the Fed can raise rates and why he thinks the economic data isn’t as accurate as it may seem. Kitco News, December 17, 2014."

U.S. Mint Sets New Record, Selling 43 Million Silver Coins In 2014.

  Now add demand from India, record Silver export from the UK, rising Solar Power and we have a very interesting picture ...

Peter Brandt: Six Chart Reasons Why Silver Has Bottomed.

 I have found Peter Brandt's call on Silver Top in 2011 nothing less than incredible example of trader's discipline and industry insight and would like to share his observations about Silver today. Please visit his blog to find more information and read carefully my legal disclaimer. Read more."

What's In Store For Gold In 2015?

  Very interesting conversation about Gold, market fundamentals, supply and demand  from Scotiabank conference, including Rob McEwen. Read more."