Friday, 26 December 2014

Gold Conspiracies.

  A lot of former "conspiracies" have found its way into the courtrooms during the last years. LIBOR, FOREX, Energy markets, Mortgage manipulations are in the headlines and even Gold manipulation is not the secret any more. This video is the very good primer for your further studies. And Alan Greenspan will give you the very good fundamental introduction to this story.

Alan Greenspan: Gold Is The Premier Currency And The Dollar Can't Match It.

We have "the new rock star for the gold bugs community." Interesting revelations from Alan Greenspan to say at least. Chinese must be listening. Swiss can join the party as well now.

Chris Powell of GATA: Gold Manipulation Historical Fact Not Conspiracy Theory.

  "After headlines today about the settlement in the FOREX market manipulations by the major banks it looks like "this conspiracy theory" will be proven to be true very soon as well or is it already happening? If traders from major banks and even BOE were rigging the FOREX what is happening with Gold and Silver markets were the manipulation is "blessed" by the Central Banks? Will these developments coincide with the cycle bottom for Gold called by Charles Nenner now? Read more."