Monday, 6 October 2014

Bitcoin Lost Nearly A Fifth Of Its Value Over The Weekend.

There is only one real Gold and there is no substitute for it in any Gold 2.0 or Gold (n+1).0

UBS: If The Referendum Passes Swiss Bank Would Have To Buy About 1,500 t of Gold over 3 years.

 "It is the very good speech, but the most significant here is the place where it is happening: Swiss Parliament. It could be very much the beginning of the global reset. Read more."

And who is buying Gold now:

Swiss Gold Referendum: People of Switzerland Demand Global Gold Recall Despite Central Bankers.


Bitcoin tumbles—are investors losing faith?

"Bitcoin lost nearly a fifth of its value over the weekend, raising concerns that investors are losing faith in the cryptocurrency.
Prices fell to a year-to-date low of $290.83 on Sunday, down over 18 percent from early Saturday, according to Singapore-based bitcoin news blog CoinDesk. Analysts are citing a number of factors for the decline: bearish chart signals; ongoing regulatory concerns; large sell orders by some early adopters; and a shift in the supply/demand balance.
"The rumors are that for some time now there's been a lot of success in 'off ramp' – but the onboarding process hasn't caught up as quickly," Hugh Madden, co-founder of Hong Kong-based bitcoin exchange ANX, told CNBC, referring to the ability of holders to spend bitcoins. Read more on CNBC."

Even Golden Bubbles Are Made Of Bubbles: Bitcoin Vs. Gold - Some Thoughts And Infographic.


  Even Golden Bubbles Are Made Of Bubbles. I was following Bitcoin for a while ... and other 50 crypto-currencies. Once the amount of crypto-ideas about Gold 2.0 exceeded 60 - I have lost my interest. But the last Fall moment was truly historical: when Bitcoin has briefly touched parity with Gold. Read more."