Thursday, 11 September 2014

The One Chart Everybody Must Be Watching Now.

  Yes, it is the almighty US Dollar. Its levitation has brought commodities markets to a hold, but nothing grows up to the sky and the Weekly Chart is very much in the overbought territory. ECB had its chance to run down the Euro, but a lot of people could be disappointed should US Dollar fail to broke through near 85.00 High in July 2013.
  Printing presses are changing countries, but the fact stays the same - all this record levels of liquidity are driving assets prices up with real economic growth slowing on the world-wide scale. The geopolitical game now is to secure the resources for the long term plan of development. As links below are indicating you cannot print Copper, Lithium, Gold or Oil and smart money are already moving fast to secure the best assets.

Acquisitions signal a turning market for miners. Canadian Junior TNR Gold holds back-in right into one of the largest copper deposits in the world.

INFOGRAPHIC: Here Is When The World's Resources Will Run Out.

Chris Martenson: The Perfect Business Case - Exponential Money And Limited Resources Supply.

  "It is very important to have the right information, when we are making our investment decisions. Some people will be right some of the time. That is why it is so important that you have the maximum diversity of information. But very soon you will be overloaded with the flood of opinions, pushed agendas and hired writers. You have to develop your own trusted sources. I have few of my own, which I will share with you here. Chris Martenson is one of them. This video explains why I am personally came into TNR Goldand building International Lithium now. He lays out The Perfect Business Case - Exponential Money And Limited Resources Supply.

  There is not enough Resources for Everyone. We have Peak of Everything. Peak Oil, Peak Gold, Peak Copper. You can not print Oil, Copper, Gold or Silver. The more you print - the more valuable the limited Resources will be. The art is to find them and buy cheaper than you will be able to sell them later after de-risking the projects enough that other buyers would like to buy them. This what we do in TNR Gold and International Lithium. I will provide some links in case you are interested: Read more."