Sunday, 28 September 2014

Lithium Race: LG Dominating Electric Car Lithium Batteries Market.

  While we are discussing a lot of groundbreaking developments with Tesla Gigafactory, Asian players are taking the largest auto-market in China by storm. Korean companies are taking over the Japanese battery makers in China now. LG Chem has announced its own plans to build its Megafactory in Nanjing and has signed a few very important contracts with Chinese automakers, including the largest one - SAIC.
  China is already the leading force in the lithium materials production. Our strategic partner - one of the  top world-wide lithium  materials producer - Ganfeng Lithium now moves into Lithium Battery market by acquiring lithium battery maker in China. 

China Rolls Out Welcome Mat for Electric Cars: Ganfeng Lithium Partners with International Lithium in Argentina and Ireland.

International Lithium: Ganfeng Lithium Acquisition of Lithium Battery Company To Build The Vertically Integrated Industry Chain.


  "I have the public report from China to share with you today. Our strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium has announced this week the major acquisition in China in order to build The Vertically Integrated Lithium Battery Business. It is the very exciting time for Electric Cars with Elon Musk giving this market another ignition with his Open Source move. Mobile Devices is another very fast growing market and I am looking forward that our Lithium projects will deliver the further confirmation of their economic potential to become in the future the raw materials supply base for this Vertically Integrated Lithium Industry Chain.
  Please read carefully my legal disclaimer and Do Not rely on any information provided here in your investment decisions. This information, particularly provided from the third parties, could be incomplete, misleading and not up to date. Always consult your qualified investment adviser before making any decisions. You can find more information on our website: International Lithium Corp. Read more."

LG Chem Megafactory Will Produce Lithium Batteries For More Than 100k EVs A Year In Nanjing.


  "LG Chem makes its move in China with its own Megafactory for Lithium Batteries in response to the Tesla Motors Gigafactory and its ambitious plans to ignite the Electric rEvolution. Now we can talk about the real prospects for the mass market for electric cars. Increased Volume in production of Lithium Batteries for Electric Cars will allow to reduce the prices per 1 kWN and increase the reliability and capacity of the batteries making "The Range Anxiety" another myth fading into the history.
  Nissan Leaf has announced that new Lithium Battery for Nissan Leaf will cost $5,500 bringing the cost per 1 kWh to $270 in the new breakthrough for the Lithium Technology.Elon Musk is talking about Lithium Batteries to be produced at Gigafactory with 400 miles range for Tesla Model S and X and $35,000 price tag for Tesla model E with 200 miles range.  Maybe now my dream for The Electric Apple iCar will not be so far fetched after all? For International Lithium this news is an another validation of our strategy of Vertical Integration with Ganfeng Lithium into the Lithium Battery Business in China. Read more."