Saturday, 23 November 2019

Elon Musk Unveiled Tesla Cybertruck - The Ultimate Hedge Gold Carrier For All Matrix Blade Runners Escaping The Gravity Of The Black Holes In The Crypto Universe.

Elon Musk is brilliant as usual. I must admit that I was depressed with the look of that door stopper built around an incredible spec of the Tesla powertrain before I saw the big picture. In the next few short hours, bitcoin resumed its collapse diving below $7,000 and crashing all cryptocurrencies into the Black Hole of the Crypto Universe with it. China has implemented its favourite weapon from "The Art of War" arsenal and applied "The Panda Squeeze" to the Crypto Universe. 

Something was lost in translation for a lot of hodlers, as after embracing blockchain technology for the State, it came as a surprise for many that China will crack down on all illegal trade of cryptocurrencies facilitated by any Chinese citizens globally. For a lot of crypto enthusiasts who are learning Austrian economics on Twitter, it must be new that CPC means the State in China and any means of competition with the power of the State, including the issuance of any FIAT currency digitalized in order to mascarade its purpose, will not be tolerated. Welcome to the brave future of the real freedom of choice powered by the solid Centralised Digital Yuan put on a blockchain and backed by Gold to finally unite the divided libertarian crowd.   

Then I suddenly get it. Genious. Elon Musk can see the future and truly front-running AI which must be running all the crypto sh$tcoins show. No surprise here - he is definitely has been plugged in with Neurolink already for quite a bit of time.

Tesla Cybertruck brave design is taken directly from the Matrix for the coming Mad Max times when bitcoin will hit the Moon and life will change forever. No more romantic nights. Pure utility to survive and drive away from zombies. Unbelievable specs make all sense for this Ultimate Hedge Gold Carrier

Cybertruck pricing points for different options are mindblowing and will make it fly for the generation grown up inside of the video games. They have their ultimate electric supercar now. Every respectful hodler will buy one at least. Bitcoin will go up and down, Cybertruck will stay. 

Some analysts are still missing this brilliant marketing strategy. Reservations are already more than 150,000 in less than couple of days after the "smashing" unveil. It can really establish Tesla leading position catering to the cyberpunks community without any competition. Whether they all became millionaires with their cryptocurrency holdings remain to be seen, but twitter is full of the success stories, so the market is huge according to this powerful trend at least. Please do not forget, that Tesla Cybertruck can be the new base for the military vehicles and an ultimate Police car as well.

Rivian will get some more traction now as the real challenger to the Range Rover crowd, but as I do really believe: the more competition for the electric cars - the merrier. Hopefully, the backing and order of delivery trucks from Amazon will help Rivian to build up the mass production of these beautiful trucks. 

Plus not everything lost for all those in the Tesla crowd who are still depressed like I was after this unveil, windows will be changed and I will not be surprised if the less radical design on this incredible powertrain will be introduced by Tesla. 

As always, do your own research, but maybe advice following the genius vision of Elon Musk will be very logical here: diversify a little bit before China will put Centralised Digital Yuan backed by Gold on the blockchain which will be run by the State and before all bitcoin whale hodlers they can find will be put for re-education programs in gold mining camps. If bitcoin will go to $1,000,000 before hitting the Moon, you all have enough already, if not - you will have Tesla Cybertruck left with Gold. If you would like to consider how to play this scenario from both sides of the rising Tesla Cybertrucks sales and demand for the Ultimate Hedge to carry in them, you are welcome to my blog and links below for your homework.

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