Monday, 12 March 2018

Security Of Lithium Supply For Tesla Energy rEVolution: Lithium X Acquisition Is Closed - Who Will Be The Next M&A Target Now?

We can officially celebrate the end of SQM Lithium OverSupply Scare 2.0: Lithium X acquisition is completed and companies from China will control two more lithium salars in Argentina now. The quality of the assets are still very important and default on Bacanora payment by the same group from Hong Kong has brought a few nervous days for the Lithium X investors. 

The real big tests for the investors' appetite to run this Lithium Bull Market will be a successful closing of the Ganfeng Lithium $1 Billion dollars IPO in Hong Kong, the sale of $5 Billion dollars stake in SQM and $500 Million IPO of FMC Lithium Business later this year. Chile is bringing a new dynamic into the hot M&A lithium market with its potential block of the sale of SQM stake to Tianqi from China.

Security of Lithium Supply for Tesla Energy rEVolution is everything and M&A deals are showing what the smart money is doing during the state-of-the-art orchestrated panic among lithium investors. The desire to participate in "50 cents trades" and run at the first sight of the myopic misleading IB report only provides further evidence that this megatrend has only just started.

Interest from major banks to International Lithium presentations during PDAC shows that Energy rEVolution and Security of Lithium Supply is getting, finally, the proper professional attention. My recent interview with Japanese magazine showed the real concern about the growing Power of the Dragon. China's New Energy Plan is getting noticed. The hot question who will be the next target for Lithium M&A Hunting Season will drive the recovery of the Lithium Market.

Ganfeng Lithium is UP another 9% today, the total move is UP over 35% after almost 50% correction. Succesful $1 Billion Dollars IPO in Hong Kong for the largest integrated lithium materials producer in China will bring the investors' attention back.

Lithium Americas with Investment Stake and JV with Ganfeng Lithium.

Kirill Klip: International Lithium Corp. Presentation At Wentworth. "Lithium Race And Energy rEVolution - The World Just Before The INTERNET."


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