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TNR Gold Los Azules Copper Royalty Holding With McEwen Mining: Argentina Bets On 10 Copper Projects, 5 Of Them Are From San Juan.

“The Los Azules PEA study for McEwen Mining is the first preliminary economic study that provides a potential value for the total net smelter return from the project’s life of mine cash flow. TNR’s 0.36% royalty on the net smelter return is an important part of TNR’s portfolio,” commented Kirill Klip, Executive Chairman of TNR. “Further advancement of this project and building on the results of the PEA will continue to contribute significant value for our shareholders.”

The Green Energy Metals Royalty Company: TNR Gold Announces Strategic Goals For 2018.

"During our 2017 transitional year, we have built TNR Gold Team of dedicated professionals who share our Values and Corporate Culture," commented Kirill Klip, Executive Chairman of TNR. 

“Now our turn-around at TNR is completed and we are looking forward to achieving our strategic goals and increasing value for all shareholders.” Read more.

TNR Gold CEO On Building A Green Energy Metals Royalty Company.


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I will start with three very important numbers: 

Copper demand for Electric Cars should accelerate 9 fold from 185,000 metric tons today to an estimated 1.74 million tonnes in 2027.

$127 million dollars is the undiscounted cash flow of Royalty, which can be paid potentially to TNR Gold over 36 years of Life of Mine at Los Azules Copper project in Argentina which is operated by the legendary Rob McEwen.

TNR Gold is plugged-In into Energy rEVolution. Everything started with my investment in Royal Gold - gold Royalty company, I was buying it at $5 when gold was at 300 and was very happy selling it a few years later above $70. I would like to do the same in the energy space now with Green Energy Metals: Lithium and Copper.

This is called Energy rEVolutionThe World Just Before the Internet. Electric cars are coming much faster than a lot of people are anticipating. Here I would like to refer our audience to check our interview about International Lithium – TNR Gold has the Strategic Stake in this company and Royalty on Mariana Lithium project in Argentina.

The largest integrated lithium materials producer Ganfeng Lithium from China is developing this project in JV with International Lithium. Now Ganfeng Lithium jumped in The New Lithium Top 5 companies in the world. UBS is talking to its wealthy clients that Lithium demand will jump more than 2,868% in 100% EV World.

Copper is the red metal which is going green in Energy rEVolution. There is 55 lb. of Cu in ICE Car and 165 lb. in Electric Car. This is an increase by 300%, multiply it by millions of electric cars to be made and you have the perfect storm for Copper. A single electric car can have up to 6 km of copper wiring. Copper is not only needed for EVs, but it is vital for all infrastructure and Energy Storage will demand more lithium and copper than even electric cars.

This could have a huge effect on copper prices over the next 10 years and more. With fewer and fewer large deposits being discovered, demand should accelerate 9 fold from 185,000 metric tons today for Electric Cars to an estimated 1.74 million tonnes in 2027, according to the International Copper Association. Global Market for copper is around 23.9 M tonnes.

TNR Gold is plugged into these megatrends with its Royalty and JV Projects Generation Model.

In general, our approach is to work with strategic partners who are leaders in the industry and who are Operators on our projects and we are holding Royalty or Strategic Stake in JV Operations. We are reducing our operational and technical risk while providing exposure to the particular commodity.

All interested parties should visit my blog or latest industry updates.


Please read legal disclaimer. There is no investment advice on this blog. Always consult a qualified financial adviser before any investment decisions. DYOR.

Translated from the original:

Diario De Cuyo:

Argentina Bets On 10 Copper Projects, 5 Of Them Are From San Juan.

The Sub Secretariat of Mining Development of the Nation presented in Canada an in-depth study that highlights the very high potential of Argentine copper. The exhibition included the local sites: Los Azules, Altar, Josemaría, Pachón and Filo del Sol.

In order to encourage investment and deepen knowledge about the potential national copper, the Sub Secretariat of National Mining Development recently prepared a detailed report on deposits, costs and projections. The ten most important projects in terms of advancement and investment at the national level include five copper deposits located in the province of San Juan: Los Azules, Altar, Josemaría, Pachón and Filo del Sol. The Under Secretary of the aforementioned portfolio, Mario Capello, He told Cuyo Minero that the exhibition of potential national copper was held in the Canadian city of Vancouver, in the presence of more than 40 international entrepreneurs from exploration companies and in the framework of the event called AMEROUNDUP. "The large copper deposits are called to turn San Juan into the province with the most powerful economy in the Argentine Republic. Five world-class projects are waiting for more competitiveness to become suppliers of the world's growing demand for the red metal, driven by the unstoppable growth of China and India, which continues the same path, "said Capello. The prepared report determines that the 10 most advanced copper mining projects in Argentina contain 57 million tons of copper. In turn, these deposits also have resources for 38 million ounces of gold, 776 million ounces of silver and 1.3 million tonnes of molybdenum. "You do not need to be insightful to see the huge opportunity that we lost during more than a decade of stories. It is enough to highlight that 45,600 million dollars of investments came during all that time to expand and build new copper mines in Chile. The same happened with the 27,000 million dollars that arrived in Peru, while in Argentina only 100 million dollars were invested in the Alumbrera mine, Catamarca ", contextualized the engineer Capello. He continued: "Having lost the opportunity to take advantage of the extraordinary prices of the copper pound has no turning back. We are not to afford to belittle a new opportunity, without paying it again in economic and social matters.That is why from the mining portfolio we insist on the axiom of competitiveness ".
The explanations of the aforementioned report indicate that Argentina is not the only country with large copper potential. This premise is based on the urgent need to reactivate this sector and encourage investment in exploration and start-up. "The roads, trains, other communications and electricity must put proa to the Cordillera sanjuanina. According to economic forecasts, only one of the San Juan copper projects (Pachón or Los Azules) can generate up to 3,000 jobs directly. It could also produce more than a thousand suppliers of goods and services and some 1,500 million dollars of gross value of annual production, in undertakings that have a useful life of 30 years, "said Capello.
10,000 is the number of jobs, which according to the national projections of the mining portfolio, would generate directly the six most advanced Argentine copper projects: Taca Taca, Pachón, Los Azules, Agua Rica, Rio Grande and Filo del Sol.
28 are the copper projects between the initial and intermediate stages that currently exist in the "northern zone of the Argentine copper" that make up the provinces of Salta, Catamarca, La Rioja and San Juan.
8 is the number of copper projects in the initial to intermediate stage that exist in the central zone of the country (Mendoza and Neuquén). They are: Pico Bayos, University, Las Choicas, El Perdido, Elisa, Cerro Amarillo, El Seguro and La Voluntad."

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