Thursday, 28 December 2017

Chronicles Of Energy rEVolution: Kirill Klip On The 2,898% Jump In Global Demand For Lithium.

I would like to start today with one, but the very important number – 2,898%. This is the jump in demand for lithium, which UBS estimates will happen in 100% EV world – 2,898%. Electric cars are coming at a much faster pace than a lot of people are anticipating it. For years I have been writing my blog about this electric future, now it is here. Iconic London cab is going electric.

This is a statement and s sign of our times. It is very symbolic. I am meeting investment bankers in London and they are driving electric cars. Investors are driving Teslas and Electric Black Cabs - there is nothing to prove anymore. Electric cars are here and all cars will be electric.

Sales of electric cars jumped to 2.4% in November in the UK. And you know what is the secret? There are no best affordable electric cars in the UK yet. We had the best electric cars like Tesla Model S and X and we had affordable cars. Now we have the best and affordable electric car - Just wait for Tesla Model 3 to hit our street in numbers. And Bloomberg is talking that more than 200 EV models to chose from are coming by 2020.

UBS made a report earlier this year that EVs will be cheaper to own in 2018. Last month we had a report that EVs are cheaper to own already after 4 years in the UK, US, Japan and other countries. The switch is here. Millions of people are ready to switch and buy electric cars.

It took us all human history to get to 1st million of EVs by 2015, then less than two years to 2 million EVs by 2017. I expect that EV sales will be over 1 million units in 2018 alone. This the exponential Stage of S-curve for adoption rate of EVs.

Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of this energy rEVolution. I am not surprised that UBS is advising their wealthy clients that Lithium demand will jump by more than 2,898% in the 100% EV world.

IEA reports that in order to keep the temperature increase below 2% we must have 600 Million EVs by 2040. It means that we have to produce 36 Million tonnes of lithium LCE by 2040. Our starting point is 200,000 t of Lithium LCE produced in 2016.

International Lithium Reaches Settlement Agreement With Ganfeng Lithium On Mariana JV, Argentina.

I would like to thank all our ILC Team who have been working tirelessly in order to protect our Company and our assets for all stakeholders at International Lithium. We have now confirmed with Ganfeng Lithium our rights to 27% plus stake in Mariana Lithium JV in Argentina (including our 10% back in right) - Kirill Klip, Executive Chairman of ILC.

“We are finishing our transition year at International Lithium on a very positive note. Our new ILC team has settled all outstanding issues with our Mariana JV partner. MLC and ILC have agreed that they will act in good faith and in the best interests of the Mariana JV. Now we can focus our efforts on Mariana JV development and maximize its value for our shareholders,” commented Kirill Klip, Executive Chairman of ILC.


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International Lithium CEO Kirill Klip Talks With Matt Bohlsen Of Trend Investing.

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