Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Lithium Race Cleaning The DIEselGate: Vacuum Cleaners Maker Dyson To Make Electric Cars From 2020.

Sir James Dyson accused the mainstream car industry of polluting the world with DIEsel emissions. The most important message here is that Tesla is not alone anymore and numerous companies in the West are looking at the Next Big Thing - electrification of transportation and energy and how to participate in it. Cheap lithium batteries change everything and relatively simple powertrain architecture of electric cars can bring the new competition to the auto space and drive prices of electric cars further down. We are entering the mass market stage for electric cars.

For years we are following here Apple iCar, Google and Foxconn among many others working on the different parts of electric cars technology or the new electric cars. Now we are reaching the tipping point: convergence of technology, new players who bring competition and prices down; and anti-pollution movement by the most important countries for the automakers. DIEselGate was the last drop and auto lobby cannot just swipe it under the rug anymore, consumers are not buying "Clean DIEsel". Now automakers will have to change or the newcomers like Tesla or, maybe, even Dyson will start taking their market share from them very fast. 

In case of Dyson, its very big investment in the Lithium Solid State technology is the most interesting. This technology promises the dramatic increase in range for electric cars while cutting the costs of lithium batteries and making them safer. You can find more information on the links below.

Needless to say that lithium supply chains are not even close to the coming Tsunami of electric cars after Tesla Model S Earthquake. Countries like China and India are very serious to clean up their skies from deadly pollution and now we have lithium technology to make it possible: electric cars will take the world over much faster than a lot of people think.

Electrification of China and India will drive the next phase of the worldwide growth in EV fleet. India has announced that all new cars on sale will be electric by 2030 and they are taking it seriously making the first tender for 10,000 EVs to be supplied for the government ministries and agencies now. Transfer of the best technology for Lithium Batteries and Electric Cars will be next. China is already The Centre of The Lithium Universe and exercises its state-level New Energy Plan step by step with the military discipline, starting with securing a Lithium Supply Chain.


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Back Into The Future - Lithium Will Power Us For The Next 50 Years And Then Robots.

Vacuum Maker Dyson Appears To Be Developing An Electric Car After Buying Lithium Solid State Battery Technology.


  "Our Energy rEvolution place is getting crowded with Elon Musk and Warren Buffett quietly adding billions by disrupting $12 Trillion Energy and Transportation business. Now Sir Dyson is breaking in. Lithium technology is making Electric Cars, Solar and Wind possible to be packaged together by Smart Grids and deliver the real energy security. Cheap Lithium Batteries change everything. Next step will be Lithium Solid State and after that Lithium-Air batteries. Why Lithium and why it means that all cars will be electric very soon is on the links below. Read more."

BBC News:

Dyson to make electric cars from 2020

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