Sunday 27 August 2017

TNR Gold: Shotgun Gold Project, Alaska. Presentation June 2017.

The Shotgun Gold Project is an advanced-stage exploration prospect in southwestern Alaska.  TNR Gold Corp. (“TNR”) owns 90% of the Shotgun Gold Project consisting of a total of 108 claims covering an area of 6,993 hectares (17,280 acres).
The Shotgun Gold Project is located in southwestern Alaska approximately 150 km north of Dillingham and 190 km south of the Donlin Gold Project.

Green Energy Metals Royalty Co.: TNR Gold Investor Presentation June 2017.


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Green Energy Metals Royalty Company: TNR Gold Deputy Chairman Buys 7.49 Million Shares.

Kirill Klip, the Company’s Executive Chairman commented, “I welcome John Wisbey as an active member of our team and the TNR Board. TNR is working to become an energy metals royalty company. We are advancing strategic market opportunities for our royalty holdings in McEwen Mining’s Los Azules Copper project in Argentina as well as other royalties in strategic commodities such as lithium, and our strategic stakes in the Shotgun Gold investment project. The Company will be expanding its reach in overseas markets such as London in order to facilitate the active management of its projects portfolio. John will oversee the Company’s capital market operations and strategic transactions.”

TNR Gold - Rob McEwen: "Los Azules Copper Represents The Single Biggest Value Creator Currently In Our Portfolio."

We have another update on giant Los Azules Copper project progress in Argentina from McEwen Mining Q2 Earnings Call. These extracts are from Seeking Alpha transcript:

"Rob McEwen: Our large Los Azules copper project has advanced significantly and we will be releasing in September a new preliminary economic assessment and it will show that we have significantly lowered the CapEx and improved the economics. While we're intensely focused on being a precious metal company, I strongly believe that Los Azules represents the single biggest value creator currently in our portfolio.
CFO: Secondly, at our Los Azules copper project in Argentina, we are in the process of completing the updated PEA and the results should be announced later in the third quarter. With the completion of the seasonal drill campaign, we have seen a drastic reduction in our expenditures there.
President & COOAt the Los Azules project also in Argentina, during the second quarter we dedicated ourselves to complete up work to the field campaign completed during the first quarter of the year which focused on supergene, high grade, enrichment zone definition and improving it's continuity. The results obtained from drilling are now being used to refine our understanding of the deposit. 
Engineering work continued to define our project configuration, mine plants and infrastructure, which will be reflected in the new preliminary economic assessment, on track to be finalized in the third quarter of this year." Read more.

Another very good news for the project:

Argentina and Chile to resume a 20-year-old treaty that opens the borders between two countries to mining projects.


McEwen Mining AGM 2017 presentation.

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