Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Energy rEVolution: Tesla Energy Is Getting Serious - A Battery Powered World?

Cold Fusion has produced another brilliant video. Tesla is taking on the $8 Trillion Energy and Utilities market by storm now. Gigafactory makes all the difference with costs of lithium batteries going down sharply with a mass volume production. 

Today's news about the technology giant behind the Chinese "Facebook" Tencent taking a 5% stake in Tesla is giving more credibility to Elon Musk's plans to expand his operations in China. It is showing that the largest market in the world for electric cars in China will welcome Tesla in order to get the best technology for electric cars. It is all part of the very carefully crafted New Energy Plan in China. Next logical step will be to follow up on Elon Musk's ideas to bring production of Teslas into China as well. 

Energy Storage will be driving the demand for lithium batteries next after electric cars. China has the largest Solar and Wind Generation capacity in the world already and Energy Storage Systems will be the next frontier to conquer. 

Joe Lowry from Global Lithium has just reported that NCA cathode for lithium batteries is still produced in Japan by Panasonic for Tesla. This supply chain for Tesla Gigafactory is going all the way around the Globe and back to China. Panasonic is buying its lithium chemicals from China. China is "The Centre of The Lithium Universe"Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of this Energy rEVolution and International Lithium is Lithium Strategic Investments and Royalty Company which is plugged-in the most dynamic EV and Energy Storage markets in China with partners like a giant from China Ganfeng Lithium.

Electric rEVolution: Lithium Race Goes Ludicrous Mode - Tesla Model 3 PRODUCTION Starts in July! 

Back Into The Future: Lithium Will Power Us For The Next 50 Years And Then Robots.

The Tide is coming. The real Electric Cars which are better than anything ICE can offer will be finally produced in a mass market fashion in the West! China with its over 70 models of Electric Cars on sale is another story and for another day. Today we can all celebrate that despite all odds Elon Musk is moving fast towards his goal of ... 500,000 EVs being made in 2018! And now new Tesla Gigafcatories are coming ...

Before The Flood: Elon Musk - We Need 100 Tesla Lithium Gigafacatories To Save The World.

  "Today we can hear the Grand Vision of Elon Musk again. We need 100 Tesla Gigafactories to Switch all Energy production in the World to Renewables. As you remember, we are talking here about $14 Trillion industries being disrupted: Transportation and Energy. And it is happening already. We are proud to be part of The Solution with International Lithium and our Strategic Partner Ganfeng LithiumRead more."

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