Sunday, 31 May 2015

Solar, Wind Power and Electric Cars Revolution: How It's Made - Copper.

  Copper is taking the central stage with the advance of Solar, Wind power and Electric Cars. This "green" metal goes into electric motors and all wiring, which is necessary to create the distributed energy generation systems powered by Solar Power. Chinese companies are searching the globe and picking up the best copper deposits to secure the supply of this critical metal for the ongoing green revolution.

TNR Gold And Los Azules Copper: McEwen Mining - Back To The Basics.


  There is very little coverage on Los Azules copper project despite of being "One of the largest undeveloped copper deposits in the world" - according to McEwen Mining.I am very pleased to find out this publication about McEwen Mining, Argentina and magnitude of Los Azules copper project.
  Please read carefully my legal disclosure. All this material is provided for information only, I was not able to verify any technical information in this article, it should not be relied upon in any investment decisions.
  TNR Gold holds now 0.4% NSR on the whole Los Azules copper deposit, 1% bonus on the sale of Los Azules and McEwen Mining shares. You can find all our financial information in the official reporting on SEDAR.

  "Copper and Lithium become the strategic metals for the ongoing green revolution. Solar and Wind Energy and Electric Cars will drive the new demand for these metals. Solar Energy is growing very fast all over the world now. Energy Storage will be the next step to ignite this growth. This is the new focus of Elon Musk and his Gigafactory. He will introduce the home storage system based on the lithium batteries in the next few months. Copper will have its special place in this mass scale roll out of distributed energy generation systems with Wind and Solar Power. Integral part of this system - Energy Storage is getting popular now with Elon Musk Gigafactory and Warren Buffet with BYD making the headlines. These Trillion Dollar industries: Electric Cars and Energy Storage will drive the demand for Copper and Lithium in the future. Read more."

Copper, Lithium And REE: SunPower And Apple Are Teaming Up To Build Solar Projects In China. 

  Apple is moving fast into Solar space now and brings attention to the rapid growth in Solar Power installations all around the world. China is particularly important market with its huge air pollution problem. This is where the clean electricity will come from to charge electric cars. With Tesla Gigafactory coming announcement for the home lithium battery to integrate solar installations, this huge segment of growth for the lithium technology will gain further traction. 
  As we have discussed before, Solar Power will be the catalyst for strategic green energy metals: Copper, Lithium and REE. Backed by Warren Buffet China's BYD is another contender to capitalise on the growth in utility storage. International Lithium strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium is taking its part in this growing sector as well with the investment in Boston Power and supplies Lithium materials to the major players in battery industry.