Monday, 17 November 2014

ECB Could Buy Gold To Revive Economy.


  We can have ECB joining China and Russia buying Gold now! Alan Greenspan's ideas about Gold are getting more popular now. Swiss Gold Referendum can bring SNB into the gold market as well for 1,500 t.

Bloomberg: 1,500 Tons Of Gold On The Line In Swiss Vote To Buy Back Bullion.

 "The story about Swiss Gold Referendum has made its way up to the Bloomberg. Now everything depends on the people of Switzerland, but at least we will have the opportunity for the proper discussion about the FIAT Currency systems and Gold. China is not only buying record amounts of gold now, but taking out the best long term mining assets all over the globe. Read more."

TNR Gold Los Azules Copper M&A: Barrick In Talks With Chinese Miner Zijin On Pascua-Lama Investment.

Grant Williams: All You Need To Know About Swiss Gold Referendum.

Great presentation from Grant Williams on this groundbreaking event for the Switzerland and the Gold market! We are close to the very important catalyst point for the Gold market now.

Rick Rules: Capitulation In Gold And Resource Markets.

 "Rick Rules gives us the very good description of the Capitulation in the Gold and Resource markets. By my personal observations we just had it in place. Rick outlines the big picture for Resources Sector perfectly. This is why I am personally in this business. Real assets will be needed, particularly if and when  we will have the growing world-wide economy. We can discuss all these details all time long and it will never matter before Mr Market will turn - maybe it is happening now.
  Please pay attention one more time what Alan Greenspan has been talking about FED and Gold! These are truly remarkable revelations at this particular turning point. Read more."

The Telegraph:

ECB Could Buy Gold To Revive Economy.

Declining economic data may "theoretically" leave the door open for the European Central Bank to buy assets including gold and shares
Gold, shares, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) - the European Central Bank (ECB) may turn to buying any or all of these in an attempt to boost inflation in the currency bloc.
Yves Mersch, a member of the ECB’s executive board, said that the purchase of these assets was “theoretically” an option for the central bank, which earlier this year resolved to “take further unconventional measures to counteract a length period of lower inflation”.
His speech, delivered in German, came as official statistics published on Friday showed inflation of just 0.4pc in the year to October.
Very low levels of inflation were characterised by Mr Mersch as “abnormally low”, as price growth remained well below the ECB’s target of close to 2pc.
The official said that while there was scope to buy such assets, the ECB is about to embark on a programme of asset-backed securities purchases.
“Every purchase of a security - or precious metal or foreign currency - naturally increases the credit risk of the buyer”, he added, noting that the ECB may lack a mandate to increase the risk of its balance sheet.
Mr Mersch, a Luxembourgian, is often seen as leaning towards the position of the ECB’s German members - hesitant to pursue monetary stimulus in an attempt to revive the eurozone.
The euro area as a whole has just managed to dodge a triple-dip recession according to data published on Friday, posting growth of 0.2pc in the third quarter of the year.
While the economic data has worsened, so has the mood of forecasters. On Thursday an ECB poll of professional economists showed that inflation and and growth are expected to remain weak. The Telegraph."