Saturday, 30 August 2014

James Grant: Two Alternative Outcomes From Fed Policy – Much Higher Inflation or More Money Printing.

Acquisitions signal a turning market for miners. Canadian Junior TNR Gold holds back-in right into one of the largest copper deposits in the world.

"VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 28, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A wave of optimism is sweeping through the mining industry, as a series of high-profile acquisitions suggest a new trend of asset-purchases is emerging and an active hunt for copper and gold properties is underway.It has been a steep slide from the highs of 2010, which saw mining contribute $36 billion to Canada's GDP (Mining Association of Canada, 2011 Facts and Figures).However, recent deals have brought interest back to the market. These include the acquisition of Osisko Mining Corp. ($3.7 billion), Augusta Resource Corp. ($555 million), and Sulliden Gold Corp. ($300 million), all of which have helped push the 2014 total to more than 40 deals worth over $7 billion. Read more."

TNR Gold Shotgun: NOVAGOLD Reports Major Progress in Advancing Donlin Gold up the Value Chain.

  We have the major news for Alaska Gold mining industry from our neighbours - Donlin Gold is moving forward! NOVAGOLD and TNR Gold were developing Shotgun Gold project together and in 2010 our company has consolidated the project and now owns 100% of it. NOVAGOLD has received TNR Gold's shares and warrants. Greg Johnson - one of the founders of NOVAGOLD has joined TNR Gold board after our very impressive results from the drilling program in the Fall 2012. Please watch the video to find out his personal statement:
"The mineralization style observed at Shotgun Ridge bears a strong resemblance to the 40 million ounce deposit at the Donlin Gold project operated by Barrick and NovaGold," stated recently appointed director Greg Johnson, "The similar age and host intrusive rocks suggest that, with continued exploration, there is significant potential to locate larger volumes of mineralization in and around Shotgun Ridge."

  This development by NOVAGOLD will put Alaska back on the radar screens of Gold investors as the safe mining jurisdiction and stronger Gold prices will drive the next stage of projects development. Please read my legal disclaimer. Read more."

Finacial Sense:

James Grant: Two Alternative Outcomes From Fed Policy – Much Higher Inflation or More Money Printing

Bullish on India and Gold

"In a special reprise edition of FS Insider, Jim is pleased to welcome James Grant, Founder and Editor of Grant's Interest Rate Observer. James and Jim cover an array of topics, including Grant’s outlook for Federal Reserve policy and how attempts to control or manipulate interest rates are ultimately futile. He sees the Fed either creating too much inflation, or forced to stimulate even more until inflation results. They also discuss the hundreds of billions of dollars that savers have not received in recent years as a result of zero interest rate policies. James also gives optimistic assessments on India, gold, and gold stocks. This broadcast is free and gives listeners an example of the quality programming they will find as a subscriber to FS Insider."