Sunday, 30 November 2014

Swiss Have Voted No To Gold Initiative: SNB Will Not Compete With China, India and Russia.


  Swiss people have voted today with no to the Swiss Gold Initiative. BIS and SNB can report back to FED the good news. Jim Rickards will have so large new audience to educate for his books in the years to come now. China, India and Russia will be buying Gold without any competition from the West now. Monday Gold trading session will be interesting with record negative GOFO rates, India news and, as some are suggesting, even short covering in Gold on this news.
  The focus should be on the dollar and Oil, stock exchanges in Saudi Arabia and Dubai are falling very sharply today and Saudi Arabia is in a bear market now. All these games can be out of control and Shale Oil in U.S. economic miracle is at stake now.

 Peter Schiff has discussed the expected by him No Vote last Friday with interesting observation: "Now all Swiss people who voted yes, will be buying Gold to protect themselves."


ZeroHedge: Federal Reserve Confirms Biggest Foreign Gold Withdrawal In Over Ten Years.

The disconnect in the demand for Gold and its manipulated price continues ... Instead of breaking out above MA50 Gold was sold out heavily in the very thin holiday trade with Oil crashing down after OPEC decision. Next week will be crucial for the Gold and other commodities markets. US Dollar on the chart below will be the guide. Who will risk deflation now? Higher US Dollar and lower Oil prices mean exactly that. Say good buy to Oil Shale and all economic boom connected to it. Before yesterday the most crowded trade: Long US Dollar looked like reversing itself, next week will show the next step in this epic ongoing Oil and Currency Wars.  Actually for the FED the higher Gold price and lower US Dollar will be the best outcome now - it will show the "so much needed Inflation", save Shale Oil and allow to manage next cycle of the gradual rise in the stock market preventing the collapse. In this logic discussion about ECB ability to buy Gold doesn't look so crazy any more. Will FED join this game now? At some stage it will have to deliver all that Gold "safely stored in its vaults" and this repatriation virus is not going just to fade away. Normally markets are positioned for the majority of participants to lose, this outcome will be the most unexpected I guess. Read more."


Swiss Gold Referendum Fails: 78% Vote Against "Protecting The Country's Wealth"

Whether as a result of an unprecedented scare campaign by the Swiss National Bank (most recently reinforced by Citigroup), or due to confidence that Swiss gold is as safe abroad as it is at home, or simply due to good old-fashioned "hanging chads", today's most awaited event has come and gone and the result - according to early projections by Swiss television SRF - is that the Swiss population overwhelmingly rejected a referendum to force the Swiss National Bank to hold some 20% of its reserves in gold in a landslide vote, with about 78% voting against what AP politely termed "protecting the country's wealth by investing in gold." ... 
...And then there is the question of what happens to the tension in the gold swap market: as noted last week, the 1 Month GOFO rate had tumbled to the most negative in over a decade. It was not clear if this collateral gold squeeze was the result of Swiss referendum overhang or due to other reasons. The market's reaction on Monday should answer those questions. Read more at ZeroHedge."