Sunday, 2 November 2014

Charles Nenner: Scary Deflation on Horizon, Sees Gold Cycle Bottom at $1,150.


  Charles Nenner: "We are at the bottom of the cycle for Gold with $1,150 target." Nobody knows the future for sure, but this interview is very interesting - it was published on October 7, 2014, particularly when you consider the last week blood bath in gold miners which looks like total capitulation. Can Swiss Gold Referendum bring us necessary catalyst?

Grant Williams: All You Need To Know About Swiss Gold Referendum.

Great presentation from Grant Williams on this groundbreaking event for the Switzerland and the Gold market! We are close to the very important catalyst point for the Gold market now.

The China Money Report: Gold At $7,000 Article Goes Viral In Chinese Media.

  The timing of this article is very interesting: we have the upcoming Swiss Gold Referendum, China buys record amount of Gold and there are more voices about US Dollar losing its reserve currency status every day. Nobody knows the future, but it is important to note: "... that most of Chinese economist think that the price of gold should be $ 2,400 / once." Read more."

Koos Jansen: The Chinese Precious Metals Market Is On Fire.

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