Friday, 7 November 2014

Gold Short Squeeze - Koos Jansen: When China Will Utilize Its Gold The Price Will Rise.

  We have a nice rally in Gold today after Gold miners have paved the way by reversing last couple of days. Nobody believes this rally, so we have the very good set up for the real bottom now. Needless to say that gold miners are in a total capitulation and have reached the record oversold levels even below 2008 panic!
  Nobody knows the future, but Koos Jansen will be the very good guide into the China's appetite for Gold and Charles Nenner has made quite a bold call on Gold to bottom now. Any pause in US Dollar growing up into the sky will be welcomed by gold and reignited by the short covering now.

Charles Nenner: Gold Cycle To Bottom, Sees $2,100 Upside Target.

  Charles Nenner has quite a few very impressive calls on different markets. His today calls sound totally contrarian for the mainstream investors. US Dollar is rising to the sky, markets are hitting all-time-highs. Lets put him on the record here today. In this interview he confirms his call for Gold cycle to bottom now and his upside target of $2,100. Chinese seems to be following his ideas ...

  The day will come when even God forgotten juniors will get the bid based on the real assets they hold.

Presentation: TNR Gold Receives Royalty From McEwen Mining On "One Of The Largest Undeveloped Copper Projects".

Koos Jansen:

When China Will Utilize Its Gold The Price Will Rise

On October 27 I was interviewed by German financial TV network DAF, about the Chinese gold market. After it was broadcasted on October 30, the host, Markus Bu├čler, told me it was the most viewed video on the DAF website that day. I hope the message is spreading. It was only 10 minutes so I couldn’t go in-depth, but was happy to share a few key points.
Make sure the captions are on for the first 30 seconds in which I’m introduced in German. From 0:30 the interview is in English.

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