Saturday, 29 November 2014

Claudio Grass: Will the Swiss Vote for Gold?

"Jeff Deist and Claudio Grass discuss this Sunday’s historic gold referendum vote from Claudio's insider’s perspective. This referendum would require the Swiss National Bank to stop selling gold reserves, to keep its gold in Switzerland, and to maintain 20% of its total assets in gold.

What might the growing gold repatriation movement mean for the ECB and the Fed? Is this vote a watershed moment for the credibility of central banks generally? Is hostility against Swiss neutrality, Swiss wealth, and Swiss identity the unspoken motivation behind EU and US attempts to control this country of only 8 million people? And why do financial elites hate the idea of a strong Swiss franc?"

Alan Greenspan: Gold Is The Premier Currency And The Dollar Can't Match It.

"We have "the new rock star for the gold bugs community." Interesting revelations from Alan Greenspan to say at least. Chinese must be listening. Swiss can join the party as well now. Read more."

Bloomberg: 1,500 Tons Of Gold On The Line In Swiss Vote To Buy Back Bullion.


  The story about Swiss Gold Referendum has made its way up to the Bloomberg. Now everything depends on the people of Switzerland, but at least we will have the opportunity for the proper discussion about the FIAT Currency systems and Gold. China is not only buying record amounts of gold now, but taking out the best long term mining assets all over the globe. Read more."

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