Monday, 3 November 2014

Charles Nenner: Gold Cycle To Bottom, Sees $2,100 Upside Target.

  Charles Nenner has quite a few very impressive calls on different markets. His today calls sound totally contrarian for the mainstream investors. US Dollar is rising to the sky, markets are hitting all-time-highs. Lets put him on the record here today. In this interview he confirms his call for Gold cycle to bottom now and his upside target of $2,100. Chinese seems to be following his ideas ...

Koos Jansen: Insatiable Chinese Gold Demand Continues Unabated.

  "Koos Jansen continues his brilliant work and reports that gold demand in China remains very strong. It is the very interesting confirmation for the strong physical market in light of the recent call from Charles Nenner for Gold cycle to bottom now. Capitulation in Gold miners last week "leaves no hope for any life after death in the sector", calls for gold below $1,000 are getting louder - are these the real signs of the bottom to be made now? Read more."

Charles Nenner: Scary Deflation on Horizon, Sees Gold Cycle Bottom at 1150.

Charles Nenner: "We are at the bottom of the cycle for Gold with $1150 target." Nobody knows the future for sure, but this interview is very interesting - it was published on October 7, 2014, particularly when you consider the last week blood bath in gold miners which looks like total capitulation. Can Swiss Gold Referendum bring us necessary catalyst? Read more."

Presentation: TNR Gold Receives Royalty From McEwen Mining On "One Of The Largest Undeveloped Copper Projects".

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