Wednesday 6 April 2016

Volkswagen DieselGate Fallout: A123 Systems Announces New Lithium Batteries Facility In The Czech Republic.



  Volkswagen and EU corrupted politicians have provided the best advertising campaign with DieselGate for electric cars in Europe. Now Elon Musk with Tesla Model 3 and its mind boggling 300,000 one week reservations are showing the way. Europe is destined to move to electric cars very fast and lithium batteries manufactures are going where the market is. LG Chem and Daimler are investing in the new lithium batteries plants in EU and now A123 there is on the way from bankruptcy after learning Mandarin as well. Strategic partner of International Lithium Ganfeng Lithium from China is very well presented in Europe already and now we are developing Avalonia lithium project in Ireland together.

International Lithium Receives Notice of License Renewals for the Avalonia Lithium Project, Ireland

"Mr. Kirill Klip, President, International Lithium Corp. comments, “The Avalonia project joint venture, fully funded by strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium Co. Ltd., (“GFL”), could be of strategic importance to the European Union should a sufficient resource be identified. Clean fuel technologies for motor vehicles are becoming increasingly important to the European Economic Community to tackle climate change and the air pollution crisis in major urban areas. Lithium technology will play a major role when it comes to providing batteries for communication devices, electric vehicles and utility storage systems. Renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind power will also benefit from lithium battery technologies and become more commonplace as the problem of intermittency will be addressed providing steady power from these sources 24/7.” Read more."

Lithium Race From "Clean Diesel" Scam: Daimler Investing €500 Million Into New Lithium Battery Factory In Germany.


  "We have great news from Germany for all our EV industry. Daimler has figured out that they need batteries for Electric Cars! We have to wait just a few years more and they will find out that they need Lithium for those batteries as well. By that time our International Lithium Avalonia J/V with Ganfeng Lithium in Ireland can be already in production as well. Perfect timing? I do really wish so and keep my fingers crossed. I guess that Tesla Model S outselling BMW 7 and Audi 8 has got Daimler's attention? It will be even more interesting when Tesla takes over Mercedes S class as well.
  Finally, inevitable admission is coming to the Great Autos from Germany. After all the games with Hydrogen and wasted billions, they had decided to advance their "Green Initiative" with the help from our dear corrupted politicians by creating the "Clean Diesel" myth. Few hundreds of billions have been wasted now again; and several hundred thousands of air pollution related deaths later they have to move to the only viable solution: electric cars. Let's see how fast they can deliver now after years of talking. I have seen first production ready electric cars in 2009 in Frankfurt from all major brands. Now with Volkswagen sinking into oblivion under the mounting legal and compliance expenses of the Dieselgate, they have to think hard how to stay relevant, when people just stop buying 100 years old technology to poison their own kids with cancer hazard pollution from all type of ICE cars. Read more."

DieselGate: Daimler US Lawsuit - Mercedes BlueTech Diesel Emits Nix At Levels 65 Times Higher Than Those Permitted.


A123 Systems didn’t had much luck with plug-ins in the early beginnings of the tech several years ago (Fisker, Chrysler ENVI program, failed attempt to supply THE Chevrolet Volt), but under the Wanxiang Group, the company seems to not only back in business, but growing steadily.
Most recent announcement is for a new manufacturing facility to be opened in the Czech Republic, in the city of Ostrava (Europe).
A123 Systems intends to produce lithium-ion batteries at this factory, but for low voltage systems (12 V starter batteries and 48 V batteries for micro-hybrids). The site will begin with a capacity for over 600,000 units (of undisclosed amounts) annually.
Because of the R&D center in Germany, we believe that A123 was awarded significant orders as a result from for German manufacturers like Daimler (Mercedes S Class 550H).
With having a manufacturing facility in Europe, there is always chance that A123 Systems would expand to further plug-ins  at some point in the future.
“The company currently operates manufacturing facilities in Hangzhou, China, Changzhou, China and southeastern Michigan in the United States. The opening of the new facility is the result of a substantial surge in European market demand for low voltage automotive products, a strategic focus of A123. The new plant will complement A123’s existing technical center in Stuttgart, Germany.
With the assistance of CzechInvest, A123 will open the manufacturing plant in Ostrava and expects to begin production in the second half of 2016. This European location will establish regional assembly of A123’s advanced 12V Lithium-ion starter battery and next generation 48V battery and cost effectively support the growing market demand. By providing an alternative to traditional lead-acid technology with an environmentally conscious solution that delivers lower emissions and increased fuel economy benefits, A123 has strengthened its market leadership for micro-hybrid battery systems.”
“The Ostrava facility will be located in an industrial park operated by CT Park, with adequate opportunity for expansion as the business continues to develop. The system assembly capacity in phase one of the factory will exceed 600,000 units per year and the company expects to reach this level of production in the next few years based on business it has already been awarded.”
Jason Forcier, CEO said:
“Our new business wins in the micro-hybrid market have validated A123’s strategy and given us an opportunity to expand our global manufacturing footprint. Our recently announced technology advancements related to high power chemistries have resulted in over $1B in new low voltage business awards globally in the last 15 months. We are honored to be the market leader in this space.”

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