Thursday 21 April 2016

Lithium Technology Catalyst: Generational Shift From 2 to 7,000 - Video Inside The Tesla Battery.

  As you already know, all cars will be electric. The question now is how fast? What is the technology behind this incredible drive and performance of Tesla electric cars? I would like to share this great video from Tesla Model 3 Owners Club. Now you can have a glance into the Tesla Lithium Battery Technology literally. Tesla Gigafactory is the key to meet the totally unexpected even by Elon Musk demand for Tesla Model 3 now. 400,000 reservations in just two weeks speak volume about the real demand for the best affordable electric cars for the masses. Cheap lithium batteries change everything, now we have to make millions of the best EVs available. 
  Who will join the race to mass market now? GM Bolt will give us the first test of being electric on scale, Tesla Model 3 will start the real tide, but who will make millions of EVs per year now? We have the groundbreaking catalyst in place for the lithium industry. We are shifting from consuming 2 batteries per household in your father's TV remote control to more than 7,000 in Tesla model S. Panasonic which supplies lithium cells to Tesla buys lithium from Ganfeng in China. International Lithium is plugged into development of Ganfeng Lithium Vertically integrated business in China with our J/V in Ireland and Argentina. Maybe you have missed that 28 companies in China are making 51 models of Electric Cars already? They are not competitors to Tesla yet, but are getting there. And by the way, Elon Musk is getting himself into China with Tesla Motors as well. Will we be able to build "Made in USA" best Electric Cars on scale? International Lithium is building the supply chain for North America now.

International Lithium And Pioneer Resources Plan Drilling For The Mavis Lithium Joint Venture Project, Ontario, Canada.

  We have been very busy lately at International Lithium. And being busy is great! It is good for business. Today Mitsubishi has joined Volkswagen to advertise Electric Cars. The ugly truth is that there is no safe level of toxic emissions from diesel and petrol cars. It will be safe to say that not a single ICE auto-maker can meet even existing standards under the real driving conditions. We are paying to buy the products, which are killing us and our kids. 
  Lithium Technology for Electric Cars can address this problem and very fast. We have already huge demand in place for personal mobility. Growing middle class in China and India would like to enjoy the same freedom to explore, to drive fast, safe and beautiful cars. We just have to switch these billions of drivers to Electric Cars. 
  Elon Musk with 400,000 reservations for Tesla Model 3 in just two weeks shows us the future and it is Electric. People are ready to buy the best Electric Cars. They are safe, they have better performance for the same money and they will be very soon even cheaper than comparable ICE age products based on controlled explosions of dinosaur poop. Join our Energy rEVolution and spread the word. We are building the future for all of us with Bottled Electricity driving us fast into the Green Post Carbon Economy.  I am very pleased to see the smooth coordination between our Teams, very fast preparation and implementation of our next exploration stage on Mavis Lithium and Tantalum project in Canada with our new partner Pioneer Resources from Australia.

 Mr. Kirill Klip, President, International Lithium Corp. comments, “We are very pleased to see a rapid advancement on the Mavis Lithium project in Ontario with Pioneer Resources Limited. International Lithium is now fully active on 3 continents with high quality projects and strategic partners. This initial program at Mavis, scheduled for June 2016, will allow ILC to begin its multi-project “Upper Canada Lithium Pool” targeting raw materials for the lithium supply chain to North America” Read more."

Lithium Catalyst: There Is Incredible Demand For Electric Cars - Tesla Model 3 Orders Crossed 400,000.

  Vice President Of Tesla Motors discusses fundamental DNA of Tesla. "Our cars are sexy - people love to drive them." Before Tesla, EVs were made with the motto: you do not have to drive really, but if you absolutely have to - this is an EV for you a Vacuum Cleaner on wheels. We love to drive cars, that is why Tesla cars are so popular. There is incredible demand for Tesla electric cars: orders for Tesla Model 3 have crossed 400,000 in just two weeks time! Next after Model 3 pick up truck from Tesla is coming! 
  Now we have to check where Lithium will be coming from. Be careful, we already have a lot of hype in the market. Our team was building International Lithium for the last 7 years on the base of TNR Gold, where I am the largest shareholder and was with that company for the last 10 years. We have been developing our projects on 3 continents for the last 7 years and secured very strong strategic partners with Ganfeng Lithium financing two our J/V in Ireland and Argentina. Giant from China has performed extensive DD on all our projects for the last 5 years. We have already invested many millions of dollars into development. The real lithium supply for this Energy rEVolution will be coming from  solid projects, run by the strong technical teams with access to available capital to develop them - like our partners. Our technical Team headed by CEO Gary Schellenberg have Los Azules Copper and Shotgun Gold discoveries under the belt already long time before this Lithium Rush. It is now another very exciting chapter in our corporate history. Always do your own DD and never invest without the advice from your preferred financial adviser. Watch the video."

Elon Musk's Tesla Model 3 Reservations Hit 276,000 - Warren Buffett's BYD Wakes Up To Security Of Lithium Supply.

  You will see more headlines now which could be attributed to the "sudden revelation" even for industry insiders that lithium price breaking $20,000 per LCE Tonne in China is not something that will come and go as a nightmare. It means that there is a shortage of lithium already even before Tesla Gigafactory and Megafactories from BYD, LG Chem, Foxconn, Boston Power, Samsung and A123 are coming on-line. Tesla Model 3 has reached now 276,000 orders in less then 4 days and shows appetite for the good electric cars. We are at the tipping point for the electric cars to go mainstream. 
  SQM is moving to Argentina breaking its own myth about "One Thousand Years Of Lithium Supply". Everybody who is waiting for Lithium to be delivered from clay ... can continue to wait including Tesla. Industry insiders like Jow Lowry were talking about it for months and SQM with Lithium Americas dropping Western Lithium name with its own clay ambitions can be the best confirmation now. In our small Lithium Universe in China these days Ganfeng Lithium supplies BYD, LG Chem and Panasonic, which supplies Tesla with lithium cells. International Lithium is developing two J/V with its strategic partner - Ganfeng Lithium in Argentina and Ireland, building the vertically integrated business. Now with new strategic partners International Lithium moves to build the secure supply chain for lithium in North America. Read more."

Tesla's Elon Musk: All Cars Will Be Electric - International Lithium Presentation April 2016.

Tesla Model 3 Unveiled - electric car with 215 miles range for mass market!

  All good things take time, care and patience. Lithium Technology is here and Energy rEVolution is coming next to you with GM Bolt and Tesla Model 3 igniting the mass market for electric cars. Tune in today to see the future with Tesla Model 3 being unveiled. People are camping outside Tesla showrooms just to make the reservation! Netherlands is going to sell only electric cars after 2025 and India is talking to go full electric by 2030. It is all about lithium technology making batteries better and cheaper every year. And now smart phones on wheels will be taking out streets one by one.
  Slowly, but surely we are building our Vertically Integrated Lithium Business with Ganfeng Lithium with our J/V projects in Ireland and Argentina. Now it is time for Canada to shine and that wind for our sails I was talking last Fall about is coming. We have survived during the storm on the sand bank, now we know what to do when the tide is coming. I welcome all our new Partners to International Lithium, fasten your seatbelt, we are moving forward. Read more."

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