Sunday 10 April 2016

TNR Gold And McEwen Mining's Los Azules In Argentina - Copper Miners Pin Hopes On Electric Cars After Tesla's Success.


  Timing is everything. And you will never have the perfect one, so once decided - just be there. And if you managed to survive "the wrong timing" and can even add to your position, just do it. This is the only advice I can share. 
  Argentina is changing very fast now under the new leadership and we can stretch our imagination that one day it will not only export its commodities like Copper and Lithium, but actually will become the power force behind the Energy rEVolution. Elon Musk with 325,000 orders for Tesla Model 3 has confirmed that consumers are ready to buy the best electric cars. Now Financial Times spells you the connection between The Next Industrial Energy rEVolution and Green Energy Metal - Copper. Copper goes everywhere in the 21st century: you will find it in electric motors, in new charging stations and wiring, in Wind and Solar installations with Smart Grids. China has a military plan to acquire and build its own resource base for strategic commodities like Lithium and Copper. Argentina can do much better than just supply the Hungry Red Dragon, it can produce lithium batteries and electric cars at least for South America one day. It is not such a stretch in the end: Chinese BYD backed by Warren Buffett is building its lithium batteries Megafactory in Brazil next door; and electric buses and lithium batteries plants in Argentina. International Lithium and TNR Gold are very well positioned in creation of the secure supply chain for strategic commodities for Energy rEVolution with Lithium and Copper.

TNR Gold and McEwen Mining: Los Azules Copper - China Wants To Buy More Copper Mines To Secure Its Supply.



  "Collapse in commodity prices has come with China economy downturn and will go with its transition to the internal consumption - security of supply for strategic commodities will always stay. China is moving very fast into the Next Industrial Energy rEVolution. Electric cars and Solar Energy are the new strategic industries and part of the 5 year plan. To secure the raw materials for this leapfrog jump directly into post carbon economy there is the military plan in action. China is already centre of Lithium Universe and controls 75% of Lithium Hydroxide which goes into Tesla Batteries. Now it is the follow up plan to secure the Copper supply when asset prices are depressed. Las Bambas was the first step and now next projects will follow. Los Azules giant copper project in Argentina is very well positioned for TNR Gold and McEwen Mining for these developments. Read more."

President Of International Lithium And Non Executive Chairman of TNR Gold Buys 1 Million Shares In TNR Gold.


Copper miners pin hopes on electric cars as China falters

The world’s copper miners and traders are pinning their hopes on increased demand for the metal from the makers of electric cars, after Tesla Motors revealed more than $10bn of pre-orders for its mass-market vehicle, the Model 3.
Robert Friedland, billionaire founder of Ivanhoe Mines, showed a picture of a Tesla vehicle at the annual copper conference in Santiago this week, saying it will consume 65 kg of copper per car. Friedland’s HPX exploration company is working “very closely” with Tesla, he said.
“Copper is the king of metals,” he said. “Just based on world ecological and environmental problems every single solution drives you to copper — solar power, wind power, electric cars, you name it.” 
While demand for copper could increase because of its uses in electric cars and in renewable energy, other analysts say this is unlikely to make up for weakness in demand from China’s construction and infrastructure industries, which are slowing
Copper traded on the London Metal Exchange has dropped more 20 per cent in the past year on concerns about Chinese demand and is currently trading at just $4,700 a tonne. In 2010 it cost more than $10,000 a tonne.
In the short term, miners and traders gathered in Chile said the copper price is likely to fall further without a recovery in demand in China and amid growing global supply from large mines brought on stream during the boom years.
Batteries in electric vehicles are likely to use 927,000 tonnes of copper a year by 2030, according to forecasts by Bloomberg New Energy Finance. That amounts to around 5 per cent of total production in 2014.
Still, miners in Santiago remained hopeful. Each electric vehicle requires four-times as much copper as its gasoline counterpart, before including the copper used in recharging infrastructure and electricity generation, according to John MacKenzie, executive chairman of Mantos Copper, which bought two copper mines in Chile last year as part of a consortium.
“Copper remains the best electrical conductor available and this will be more and more important in a world where energy efficiency is a priority,” he said in Santiago. “Sales of electric vehicles, together with other drivers such as renewable energy, will provide added impetus to future copper demand.”
But in the meantime global copper supply has grown by 3 per cent this year and, if there is no pick-up in demand in China, copper prices need to fall to below $2 a pound ($4,400 a tonne) before production cuts occur, Mr MacKenzie said.
The increasing popularity of electric cars is also boosting hopes for other commodities, such as aluminium. Increasingly stringent fuel economy standards will force carmakers to “accelerate a shift to new materials that will reshuffle the supply chain”, analysts at Goldman Sachs said in an April 7 research note. Aluminium is one-third the weight of steel.
“Through 2025, we expect demand for new lightweighting technology to underpin the shift to aluminium and ultra-high tensile steel,” analysts at the bank added. It forecasts a 17.5 per cent growth in use in aluminium alloys in cars through 2025."

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