Sunday, 12 July 2015

Saft Unveils 10 kWh Home Lithium Battery Energy Storage System.


  Saft joins Tesla, Mersedes and Samsung in lithium race for the place under the sun to store its power for your house. Saft design remands more about the industrial product than smooth Apple lines of Tesla's Powerwall, but it is important that it will do the job. The more competition in the lithium battery space - the better. We need the prices to go down fast to the magic $100 per kWh to ignite the mass market for electric cars and home energy storage for Solar Power. I highly recommend Tony Seba's book: Clean Disruption of Transportation and Energy - you will understand this mega trend I am writing here about. We are moving into the age of distributed production and storage of energy and lithium is at the very heart of this groundbreaking technology. The Kodak moment for transportation and energy industry based on fossil fuels has come and gone. They are heading the same way as Kodak went. EVs powered by the Solar Power will bring the exponential disruption of the transportation and energy industries. Elon Musk with Tesla Motors leads the assault on 4 Trillion transportation industry and energy is next now. You can find more of my research on the links below on my blog. Welcome to the new industrial revolution: from atoms to bits.

Lithium Catalyst: Mercedes-Benz Takes On Tesla With A Home Battery Of Its Own.

  The more lithium batteries will be made for energy storage by different companies - the better for our lithium industry raw materials supply chain. Price competition will bring cheaper and better lithium batteries and will ignite the mass market for EVs and energy storage as well.

The End of ICE: Genius Elon Musk Starts The Race To The Bottom Of Energy Storage Prices.

"Now auto-makers can start to be really worried. ICE cars can become obsolete very fast. Elon Musk has just opened huge energy storage market combined with unprecedented growth in Solar installations all around the world. Tony Seba will be the good source to comprehend this tectonic shift."

Samsung SDI Unveils New Lithium Energy Storage Products at Intersolar Europe 2015.


  Lithium batteries are coming into the residential storage market spurred by the incredible growth of Solar Power all over the world. Mercedes Benz has announced its own residential storage system and today Samsung is taking on the very promising market space. Elon Musk thinks that actually Powerpacks for utilities will make the majority of the Energy Business for Tesla in the near term. Prospects for Lithium  industry are getting brighter day by day with every new Solar Power installation  and electric car on the street. International Lithium is at the heart of this groundbreaking development building the supply chain for our strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium. You can find more information on our industry on the links below.

International Lithium Corp. Updates on Drilling Programs in Argentina and Ireland.

  We have great news today from our both J/V projects with Ganfeng Lithium! You already know about my personal vision for the lithium industry and our strategic partnership between International Lithium and Ganfeng Lithium from China. Now we have results coming in from our exploration and development programs.

The Lithium-Ion Battery Megafactories Are Coming: Production To More Than Triple by 2020.

  We have the rebirth of the interest to the lithium industry on the investor's radar screens these days. Behind the scenes after the initial hype the best players were growing very fast. Just look at the incredible rise of our strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium! We are very lucky, after years of hard work to secure the financing of our two J/V projects by Ganfeng in Ireland and Argentina. Elon Musk has brought attention back to the lithium technology these days and finally our shares are finding some bids. I am writing and talking a lot about Tesla, EVs, Lithium and our companies. This is where my passion and my money are, do not hesitate to contact us with all your questions. We will never discuss any material information which is not public, but we will help you to navigate in our very young, but growing very fast industry. I will never ask you to buy our shares or give any investment advise, but just share with you my very personal vision on the future. For me it is clear - it will be lithium technology for years to come: the chart above make my point more apparent. Please follow Simon Moores and his new Benchmark Mineral Intelligence for industry insights. You will find other names on the links I am providing.
  What makes International Lithium different from other junior miners - access to the capital. Our very deep technical team headed by Gary Schellenberg has identified our projects at the very beginning of the lithium interest in 2008. It took us few long years to bring Ganfeng Lithium to the table. Now this giant from China is financing our J/V projects after studying for years other lithium projects all over the world. Based on the previous results we are drilling now both J/V projects with more information to come in the coming weeks. China controls now 75% of battery grade lithium hydroxide and Ganfeng Lithium is one of the major players in this market. International Lithium is building the supply chain for this vertically integrated lithium business in China. Stay turned and I  welcome all our new shareholders to the very exciting new industrial rEVolution we are building our business to be the part of.

Video - Elon Musk Presentation Of Tesla Lithium Energy Storage: PowerWall and PowerPack With "Infinite Scalability".

Lithium Hydroxide - A Perfect Price Storm Just Before Tesla Battery Storage Announcement.

International Lithium And Ganfeng Lithium: "The End Of The Lithium 'Big 3'.


Tesla Gigafactories: Is There Enough Lithium to Maintain the Growth of the Lithium-Ion Battery Market?

Joe Lowry: Lithium Capacity Additions Will Be Short Of Demand.

"Joe Lowry is sounding the rising alert for all industry insiders about the coming shortage of lithium. Tesla is waiting for Panasonic to solve all the supply problems, but the growing demand is already pushing prices higher even before Gigafactory comes on-line! The ignition of mass market for electric cars and energy storage will come with lower lithium battery cost. Gigafactory promise us to bring the magic $100 per kWh. Supply of lithium will become crucial and its security will be even more important than its price.
  Our partner Ganfeng Lithium controls with other Chinese companies 75% capacity of battery grade lithium hydroxide now. We are moving into the new landscape for critical materials which are powering the green revolution. Stay tuned for the update from our lithium exploration programs on J/V projects in Ireland and Argentina."

Joe Lowry: What The Beginning Of Lithium Shortage Looks Like.  

  "Joe Lowry from @globallithium presents another evidence of growing constrains in the lithium supply chain. He knows International Lithium strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium very well and has covered its incredible growth in his previous articles, which you can find on this blog as well. Read more."


At Intersolar Europe, Saft introduced a home energy storage system Intensium® Home 10M designed specifically for high-end residential and small commercial solar photovoltaic installations.
It’s 10 kWh/10 kW lithium-ion pack, which will be launched in partnership with German inverter manufacturer KACO new energy GmbH.
The KACO inverter can handle up to 30 kW of power from the PV installation.
Saft of course offers other types of energy storage systems, like Intensium® Home 4M (4 kWh/ 7 kW) or larger Intensium® Smart (50 kWh/ 100 kW) with industrial solutions up to 1 MWh per unit. These days ESS is a must for any battery-maker.
Intensium® Home 10M partners KACO’s new energy inverter 
The new Intensium® Home 10M 240 V system comprises five Li-ion modules to provide both high power capability, rated at 10 kW, with 10 kWh energy storage in an aesthetically designed cabinet specific for home and commercial installations. This high power Li-ion system is ideally suited to work in partnership with KACO new energy’s blueplanet gridsave 14.0 TL3 inverter in installations up to 30 kW. This combination will help domestic and small company users boost self-consumption of their own clean energy. Prosumers will be able to follow their system’s performance on their smartphone.
“Saft is a leader in Li-ion energy storage while KACO new energy is a top 10 inverter brand worldwide. Together we form a strong partnership that provides customers with a total package solution fully validated by testing in real homes. This approach smoothes the way to delivering an effective, fast-track energy storage and management solution,” said Volker Dietrich, Director of Energy Systems Technology Division, KACO new energy. “The partnership will enable Saft and KACO new energy to undertake common promotion and training, transfer of expertise and co-use of existing sales channels.” 
Intensium® Home 10M  – ready for the swarm
The combination of Saft’s Li-ion energy storage and KACO new energy’s inverter offers advanced energy management with the capability to operate as part of swarm-type schemes. These swarms offer the possibility of aggregating several decentralized energy storage installations to improve grid stability by helping balance supply and demand, as well as offering financially attractive ancillary services to grid operators such as frequency control. The smart energy management system enables remote control of the storage device via Internet or other communication interfaces, for example to switch from self-consumption to frequency regulation.
Intensium® Home 10M for optimized self-consumption
Swarm applications together with self-consumption, are set to play a key role in Germany’s energy transition – the “Energiewende”. Self-consumption, rather than feeding excess solar energy into the grid, is particularly attractive to the growing number of prosumers who are keen to take an active role in managing their energy production and usage.
In Germany in particular, the outlook for self-consumption is bright. In 2020, 29 percent of residential electricity demand and 18 percent of commercial electricity demand could be met by self-produced photovoltaic power***.
Visitors to Booth B1.156 ees are invited to ask Saft’s experts about their growing portfolio of ‘”behind the meter” energy storage solutions ranging from the individual dwelling level with Intensium® Home 4M (4 kWh/ 7 kW) to tertiary and agricultural buildings with Intensium® Smart (50 kWh/ 100 kW). They will also see megawatt solutions for diesel hybrid and large PV plants based on the containerized Intensium® Max systems.
Prosumers: PV installations users are both producers and consumers, as they produce solar electricity and consume electricity from the grid. By adding an energy storage system, prosumers increase their solar electricity self-consumption, with a very close match between their own production and consumption.
** Swarm applications: network of multiple smart energy storage systems
*** Source: GTAI Germany Trade & Invest”