Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Lithium Race: Electric Car Sales Accelerate In Beijing.

  China's plan to develop the new strategic industry: electric cars, is moving fast in all directions. These steps include securing supply of lithium through J/V agreements like Ganfeng Lithium and International Lithium; getting access to latest EV technology through J/Vs with BMW, Mercedes, WV and others; building charging infrastructure with Tesla, ABB and state level plan for wiring requirements to be incorporated in new residential and commercial developments in China. When "War on Pollution" meets with latest Lithium technology and largest auto-market in the world you can expect a lot of sparks to ignite this huge market for EVs! And now it is almost for certain that Apple electric iCar is coming …

Lithium Race: China Builds 25,000 Electric Cars, Plug-In Hybrids In June Alone.

  We have another confirmation of the explosive growth for electric cars in China and the best ones are only coming!

Lithium Race: Tesla to Sell Model X SUVs in China in First Half of 2016.

  What will happen if we take "the best SUV on the market", largest auto-market in the world and "War On Pollution"? I guess it will be a very good chemistry. Elon Musk is leading assault on 4 trillion transportation industry and China is the place where it really matters: Tesla model S and X will pave the way for mass market Tesla Model 3. Now lets check the lithium supply headlines … 
  Chinese lithium industry is getting ready for this coming tide. Ganfeng Lithium is working on security of supply and making deals to get access to the strategic commodity. Ganfeng holds strategic stake in International Lithium and finances the development of our two J/V projects in Ireland and Argentina.

International Lithium and Ganfeng: China’s Lithium Battery Market to Quadruple to $8.7 Billion in 2025.

  This is where we are going: International Lithium is building the supply chain for Ganfeng Lithium and is part of this vertically integrated lithium battery business in China. Ganfeng Lithium finances J/V projects with International Lithium in Ireland and Argentina and we have the very encouraging news coming out. Western Lithium has taken out Lithium Americas with Cauchari lithium brine project and as you can see on the map below we have just a very few Salars left without ownership by major lithium player.

International Lithium Mariana J/V With Ganfeng: Orocobre Olaroz Lithium Update.


  We are following very closely the development at Olaroz by Orocobre. Today company is reporting very encouraging news on its production update and the market conditions. International Lithium and Ganfeng Lithium J/V operations on Mariana are moving towards pilot plant stage and we are very encouraged with our initial results.

Mr Li Chairman of Ganfeng Lithium and Mr Klip President of International Lithium.


Electric car sales accelerate in Beijing

"BEIJING, July 27 (Xinhua) -- A growing number of electric cars are running on the streets of Beijing as the Chinese capital battles air pollution that is partly caused by vehicle emissions.

BAIC BJEV, which has a 66-percent of the electric vehicle market in Beijing, sold 6,223 electric cars in the first half of 2015. The company shifted 5,510 electric cars in the whole of last year.

The government has made electric cars more appealing by offering subsidies. In the lotteries through which many Chinese cities allocate number plates, drivers also have a far better chance of getting a plate for an electric car than for a regular vehicle.

One major electric vehicle store said customers need to wait a month after down payment to get the popular EV200 model.

Tesla, which already has 10 stores in China, told Xinhua it would open at least one more before the end of this year.

Regulators and carmakers are also pushing to build more charging stations for electric cars. BAIC is planning to build charging stations in SINOPEC petrol stations in Beijing. The charging process should take about three minutes, it said.

Xu Heyi, chairman of BAIC Group, has forecast that China will become the world's biggest electric car market in 2016, or probably this year."

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