Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Accelerating Electric Vehicle Adoption.

By Bill Williams

  Charging infrastructure is very important for creation of the mass market for electric cars and now we have very fast developments in this space.

Lithium Race. Made by Tesla Motors: Superchargers Invasion In Europe.

  If you are still wondering how to charge your electric car in Europe, please look at the map above. Talks between Tesla, BMW and Nissan about the universal access to the superchargers technology can ignite very fast growth for electric cars in the budget segment. Now we need the mass market electric car from Tesla Motors to make this rEvolution happen for real. Read more."

All You Need To Know About Tesla's Nevada Lithium Batteries Gigafactory.


  "The deal of the century or at least its first decade for electric cars is signed by Elon Musk. Gigafactory will open the doors for the mass market for electric cars and $35k Tesla Model III will be the first one rolling out. I will provide links in addition to the report by Damon Lavrinc so that you can get the full picture of this groundbreaking development for our industry. Read more."

Electric Cars Jolt: Tesla, BMW And Nissan Meeting In Secret To Discuss Supercharger Network.