Monday, 6 October 2014

Jim Rickards: Obama Ending Alliance with Saudi Arabia and Killing the Petrodollar.

  Looking at the recent advance in US Dollar you can hardly find on the surface the evidence of the groundbreaking geopolitical events Jim Rickards is talking about, but do not be so fast to disregard his prophecies.
  Has the FED found the Holy Grail and The Youth Potion in QE and printed its way out of the Debt trap? Are the markets efficient, all participants are rational and have already discounted all potential risks? We will see in the future, but we better be ready for the contrarian points of view.

UBS: If The Referendum Passes Swiss Bank Would Have To Buy About 1,500 t of Gold over 3 years.

It is the very good speech, but the most significant here is the place where it is happening: Swiss Parliament. It could be very much the beginning of the global reset. Read more."

And who is buying Gold now:

Swiss Gold Referendum: People of Switzerland Demand Global Gold Recall Despite Central Bankers.

Jim Rickards: 16 Intelligence Agencies Have Issued Alarm Report On US Dollar Reserve Status.

"It is good time to contemplate on the gold fundamentals while the sentiment in the Gold market is hitting  another low and US Dollar seems to be rising with stock markets straight into the sky now. We have now Jim Rickards himself to dissect all ongoing "Currency Wars" which lead us into "The Death Of Money".
  Developments in Switzerland and China are coming now right from the pages of Jim Rickards's books. And if you think that Currency and Trade wars in late 1920s are different from what is happening now in Europe with Russia and Ukraine, this video is for you. Read more."