Monday 26 September 2016

Fully Charged On Exxon And Nuclear Hinkley Point For The UK While China Installs One New Wind Turbine Every Hour.

  Robert Llewellyn is at his best taking on Exxon which is lobbying UK government against electric cars and Nuclear disaster in the making at Hinkley Point. The very interesting fact is that while China will be building the most expensive Nuclear plant with 40-years-old technology with EDF in the UK, they are installing one new wind turbine every hour in their own country.  By the time when it is operational if ever, Hinckley Point will produce electricity at the rates much higher that available Solar generation today. Below are some links to give you more information on the real state of Solar  Energy rEVolution, Electric Cars and Lithium Batteries Robert is talking about.
  Lithium Technology is here: now we can store electricity and use it when we want it. Solar power generation is breaking records with lower cost every new tender now! Mass production of lithium batteries will bring the costs down as well. We are ready for The Switch to Solar Power and millions of Electric Cars.  We are on track to have 1,000,000 electric cars sold this year and it will be a tipping point as we have only over 1,000,000 EVs on the roads all over the world now. China has sold 31,000 Electric Cars this August. I am following InsideEVs statistics and they are right including electric buses and commercial vehicles. This total number can be closer to 40,000 EVs sold in China in August.

Energy rEVolution: Cheap Lithium Batteries And Solar Price Hitting Record Low Of 2.42c/kWh, And May Fall Further.


  "We are witnessing the tipping point in the disruption of Energy Industry: Solar Power becomes the cheapest source of generated energy!  ReNewEconomy  provides the mindboggling data on the speed of race to the bottom of the cost for Solar Power. What is very important here that this new record  of US $2.42c/kWh was set not in the lab, but by the biggest manufacturer in the world JinkoSolar.      
  Money talks. We are entering the exponential stage for Solar Power development in the world now and cheap lithium batteries change everything: now we can not only generate electricity using Solar Panels, but we can store it and use it when we want it. Tesla's new  project in California will build the largest Energy Storage facility in the world in the record time using Powerpacks by the end of this year. 
  Cheap clean electricity is coming into our grid systems now at rapidly increasing levels substituting coal and nuclear. Now we will have a clean energy to power millions of EVs coming fast. Electric cars are already clean and will be getting only cleaner now with every record of the amount of Solar Power generation systems installed all over the world. Lithium is the magic metal at the very heart of this Energy rEVolution and China is flexing its muscles to build the 21st-century economy to dominate New Energy space. Read more."

Lithium Race: China Wants 3 Million Electric Cars On Road By 2025.

  "I guess that it is the case that whatever China wants they will get. In the case of electric cars with all the best central planning can get they will be there much faster. I am expecting that China will sell 500,000 only in this year. And we will see 1,000,000 electric cars sold worldwide in 2016. They have sold already 207,000 by August in 2016! Bloomberg is even more optimistic on the chat above. I will throw my own number - China will have at least 5 million electric cars by 2025. Why - just stay with me for a while. These twenty minutes can change your next 20 years of life. If Tony Seba is correct: all new cars sold by 2025 will be electric.
  There is a state-level military plan in action in China to leapfrog ICE-age technology directly into the post carbon world with its New Energy Plan. It is a part of strategic planning on the state-level within Five Year Plans. New Energy is based on Solar, Wind and Electric Cars. Military style planning includes the whole commodity chain starting with Lithium Raw Materials - Ganfeng Lithium and Tianqi are investing all over the globe to secure lithium supply. Lithium Chemicals including for lithium batteries production - China is number 1 in the world already including Ganfeng Lithium and Tianqi making it into "The New Lithium Top 5." Lithium Batteries - Now Warren Buffett's BYD is chasing Panasonic and new coming Megafactories in China from CATL, BYD, Foxconn, Boston Power, A123, LG Chem and  Panasonic will make China the center of Lithium Universe for many years ahead. Electric Cars - there are 25 companies which are making 51 models of EVs already in China and 200 companies are developing 4,000 new EV models.  
  This is what I call a serious exercise of a structural shift in the economy, driving internal consumption by building a 21st-century manufacturing base in Solar, Wind and Electric Cars and growing its middle class who will produce and consume all those beautiful cars. Now they will be able to breathe a fresh air as well. Welcome to Henry Ford idea with the state level implementation of new lithium technology and 1.4 billion people who would like to be happy and only starting to consume a fraction of the goods compare to the West.   
  I am preaching for the same approach here in the West for years. My dog is listening to me every time, but even him got bored already. Nothing is perfect anywhere, but you better check it out and learn fast: while we are still fighting DieselGate after one year from its mass media discovery, Red Dragon is flying fast and high picking up the best lithium projects, technology and brains to feed its new appetite for growth. Links below will provide you with my ideas where this growth will lead us  and what will be the diet for this hungry creature. For those who is a long time here - we are coming back to our main investment thesis. It is very difficult to handle dragons: they are naughty, moody and can fry you just by trying to kiss. It is a better business to run a grocery store and feed them well. This New Energy domination plan will require a lot of Lithium and Copper and this is where my research is leading me to as well now. Read more."

Security Of Lithium Supply: Battery Maker Helping Power China Electric Car Boom Plans IPO.


  "While we are all (apart from short sellers) enjoying the news coming out from Tesla about its Gigafactory progress the real Lithium Race and cut-throat competition are happening in China. Warren Buffett's BYD is going after Panasonic with its aggressive plans for lithium battery Megafactories all over the world and now Bloomberg reports that CATL is going after BYD. 
  This competition will bring the prices for lithium batteries down to the Holy Grail for electric cars of $100 per KWh. Then battery for Tesla Model 3 or GM Bolt will be costing just $6k and we can start seriously talking about all cars becoming electric. We will have now the entry into the mass market for EVs with the first two electric cars with over 200 miles range and priced under 40k: GM Bolt and Tesla Model 3. Next step we can talk about my magic formula for all cars to become electric 20/200: when $20k buys you BMW 2 series type electric car with 200 miles range.
  Even without this coming lower prices for the electric cars based on mass volume production of lithium batteries we are pushing 1,000,000 sales of EVs this year alone already! Bloomberg provides the new insight into Lithium Battery market and I will have to update a lot of numbers in my Lithium 2.0 Launch, starting with Tesla which now will produce at Gigafactory 1 50 GWh of lithium batteries already in 2018 and 150 GWh by 2022!
  Now you can better understand why the security for lithium supply becomes crucial for the industry leaders. Ganfeng Lithium and Tianqi have made it to the "New Lithium Top 5" this year and even pushed FMC down in the 5th place, according to Joe Lowry. Tianqi controls with Albemarle Talison  Lithium - a source of lithium raw material from hard rock mining in Australia. Now with Tianqi front running for the 23% stake at SQM - a source of lithium raw material from brine in Chile, we will have a new round of competition for the security of lithium supply. Reflecting on its political problems in Chile SQM moves to Argentina in J/V with Lithium Americas and Albemarle has just announced plans for the lithium exploration in Argentina. 
  International Lithium is building the vertically integrated lithium business with $4.5 Billion market cap giant from China Ganfeng Lithium, which is financing J/V operations in Argentina and Ireland. Below you can find more links on the Lithium Battery and raw materials space to make your own conclusions. Read more."

Warren Buffett's BYD Chasing Panasonic In Lithium Race: EV Lithium-Ion Battery Suppliers Outlook For H1 2016.


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