Monday 19 September 2016

Ban Diesel UK: T&E DieselGate Study - All Diesel Car Brands In Europe Are Even More Polluting Than Volkswagen.


  DieselGate is one-year-old now, millions of cancer hazard polluting cars are still on the roads killing us and the best advertising campaign for the Electric Cars continues. Transport & Environment reports that its new study confirms even the worse picture for the DieselGate. Please read T&E article and report below, spread this news and take action.

Transport & Environment


Join "Ban Diesel UK" Campaign: Enough DIEselgate - Sign Petition Online, Ditch Diesel, Cut Air Pollution.

  Mark Tebbutt has brought to my attention his message about DIEselgate and call for action from "Friends Of The Earth." Please go on the safe link below and sign the petition to ditch  diesel today. Below you can find more information why do we have to do it now. 

  Help us to deliver the message to UK Prime Minister and Mayor of London - Join our #BanDieselUK campaign - go to this message RT and share! Spread the message, please.


Ditch diesel, cut air pollution

Fight the blight of air pollution and save lives. Sign up to ditch diesel today.

"It’s a shocking stat: air pollution causes 40,000 early deaths in the UK every single year. 
Other health impacts of dirty air – asthma, heart disease and even lung cancer – wreak havoc on people’s lives. Children are particularly vulnerable.
Today, pollution from traffic is the biggest problem, with diesel vehicles the worst of all.
That’s why we’ve got to ditch diesel.
Ditching diesel won’t fix air pollution entirely, but it’s a critical step in the fight for clean air. 
Let’s send a clear message: the UK must phase out diesel from vehicles by 2025 and help people access clean alternatives instead.
Together we can build irresistible pressure to end diesel and make the air cleaner for all of us."

Ban Diesel UK: US Charges First Person - Volkswagen Engineer Pleads Guilty In DieselGate Emissions Scandal.

  "It seems to be clear that consumers can at least return back the purchase if someone has sold them faulty and dangerous for their health products using a misrepresentation during its marketing. Why is it different with Volkswagen and ALL other cars affected by DieselGate? All these cars are illegal and polluting many times over the limits with cancer hazard diesel emissions.  They must be all bought back by automakers. 
  Now with the first person pleading guilty in Volkswagen DieselGate case in the U.S. we can expect the real revelations. How far does this crisis go? You can have some ideas on the links below. The ugly truth is that it seems that nobody can meet any emission limits in the real driving conditions. 
  The transportation industry is wide open for disruption now. We are talking about $4 Trillion dollars and millions of electric cars being made very fast. To put it in perspective: there are just over 1 million electric cars being sold in all our history, the U.S is heading for its record with close to 100,000 electric cars sold by September. China is leading the charge with 207,000 electric cars sold by August aiming to break 500,000 EV sales this year. 
  This cover from Der Spiegel is from 1 year ago. Very slowly, but we are getting there. They have broken our trust and now we, finally, have alternatives. ICE-age is coming to an end and it is only the very beginning of the era of electric cars now. Sales of EVs in the U.S. are still below 1%, they are reaching 1% in China and we broke 1.5% in the UK this summer. Norway with its almost 30% sales of EVs is the sign of the future which is coming very fast now. Read more."

Ban Diesel UK: EU Finds Volkswagen Broke Consumer Laws In 20 Countries - Die Welt DieselGate.

  "It looks like we are finally turning the corner with DieselGate and Volkswagen. It is impossible to keep a straight face anymore trying to minimise the damage for the autos. Please do not forget, that automakers are one of the most lucrative clients for advertising for all media. So it is very significant that CNBC is discussing today in the UK that even new diesel models of cars are emitting 12 times (!) over the limits cancer hazard pollution. What else do our Prime Minister and Mayor of London need  in order to act and protect us the people from bodily harm? Your action. Join us and donate your RTs and Favs - we can do it and Ban Diesel from our streets. Now Renault is considering to drop diesel engines altogether. I guess because people stop buying them. It is so stupid after all to pay yourself to poison your own kids every single day. Read more."

Join "Ban Diesel UK" Campaign: DieselGate In Europe - How Officials Ignored Years Of Emissions Evidence.

  Our campaign "Ban Diesel UK" is gaining strength with more than 100,000 people reached across social media platforms. We need your help now. Please donate your RTs and Favs on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook - share and spread the message.

Join our #BanDieselUK campaign - go to this message RT and share! Spread the message, please.

"Meeting minutes, correspondence and conversation records that SPIEGEL ONLINE and the Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet have obtained now show that the European Commission and member states knew, since 2010 at the latest, that the extremely harmful emissions from diesel cars were strikingly higher than legal levels.
But apparently none of the officials wanted the automakers to tell them why this was the case. According to EU officials, pressure from countries with a strong auto industry, most notably Germany, significantly reduced interest in an investigation. Instead of doing something about the environmental policy violation, the Commission and the member states passed the buck to each other. This undignified back-and-forth even continued after the VW scandal about manipulated diesel cars in the United States was exposed in September 2015. Spiegel. Links to the full article are below." Read more.

Join "Ban Diesel UK" Campaign: Netherlands Wants To Ban Non-Electric Car Sales By 2025.

   Now Netherlands are chasing Norway in the lithium race towards the clean air for its population. We deserve it all. The lithium technology is here, this move will provide the necessary kick-start to the whole New Energy economy based on Electric Cars, Solar and Wind with other renewable energy sources. 
  Our campaign "Ban Diesel UK" is gaining strength with more than 100,000 people reached across social media platforms. We need your help now. Please donate your RTs and Favs on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook - share and spread the message.  Read More."

London, Join "Ban Diesel UK" Campaign: We Still Can Beat Oslo - Norway To Ban Petrol And Diesel Cars By 2025.

  "Hey, London, while Norway is going back and forward let's beat Oslo and ban all diesel cars right now and all petrol ones  by 2020.  Our new Mayor has promised us all clean air. It is time to deliver! Read more."

Join our #BanDieselUK campaign - go to this message RT and share! Spread the message, please.

Join "Ban Diesel UK" Campaign: EU Encouraged Car Industry to Cheat, French Report Says.

Join our #BanDieselUK campaign - go to this message RT and share! Spread the message, please.

  "Our campaign "Ban Diesel UK" is gaining strength with more than 60,000 people reached across social media platforms. We need your help now. Please donate your RTs and Favs on TwitterLinkedIn and Facebook - share and spread the message.  Nothing will change before you will demand it as this new report from EuObserver shows. Below you can find links and my thoughts about DieselGate. It is not only Volkswagen and it is not only Diesel. 
  Nobody has right to take our health away, we can and must demand change from politicians. We can bring change ourselves: just vote with your wallet. It is quite stupid after all to pay yourself to poison your kids with cancer hazard diesel pollution. "Clean Diesel" scam is to deal with first now and then  with "Not So Dirty Petrol"  - Lithium Technology is here. Beautiful electric cars for the mass market are coming. GM Bolt and Tesla Model 3 will bring the first tide to move exponentially from below 1% in the worldwide sales of EVs and there are 25 companies in China already now are producing 51 models of electric cars so that all of us can have a choice of the best ones suiting everybody. Read French Report."

BREXIT DieselGate Fallout: Diesel Vehicle Purchases Banned By City Of London Corporation - Who Will Follow Now?

The City of London Corporation has also created the ‘City Air’ app, which offers low-pollution travel routes around the capital

Join our #BanDieselUK campaign - go to this message RT and share! Spread the message, please.

WHO: DieselGate Is A Cancer Problem - Auto Industry Calls "Not To Jeopardise Diesel As One Of Its Key Pillars."

  "The City Of London Corporation makes diesel cars the first casualty of Brexit breaking free from the corrupted EU protecting the automakers of diesel cars with cancer hazard emissions choking us all to death. Who will follow now the new sustainability benchmark in the UK? Let's not waste a good Brexit opportunity and ban all diesel cars right now in the UK and all petrol cars by 2020. We have the real chance to jump start the Energy rEVolution in the UK and make millions of high paid manufacturing jobs in the country providing affordable energy, electric cars and the real Energy Security to the Great Britain. It is time to make Britain The Great again.  Read more."

Transport & Environment:

Dieselgate 1st anniversary: all diesel car brands in Europe are even more polluting than Volkswagen - study

As Dieselgate turns one year old, a new study by Transport & Environment (T&E) reveals that Volkswagen is currently selling the least polluting (Euro 6) diesel vehicles. Nonetheless, the marque caught cheating in the US also has the most grossly polluting Euro 5 vehicles on the road, which were sold between 2011 and 20 15 . The better performance of Volkswagen Euro 6 cars has nothing to do with the Dieselgate, but with better technology choices made before the scandal burst. The report Dieselgate: Who? What? How? also found that not one single brand complies with the latest air pollution limits (‘Euro 6’) for diesel cars and vans in real-world driving.

Who are the dirtiest diesel carmakers in Europe

T&E analysed emissions test data from around 230 diesel car models. Data were taken from the investigations conducted by the British, French and German governments, as well as a large public database. The carmakers’ ranking was built with on-road performance figures mostly measured in real world driving. The key findings per car brand are: Fiat and Suzuki diesel cars on average pollute 15 times more than the legal NOx limit; Renault-Nissan vehicles exceed the limit more than 14 times; General Motors’ brands Opel/Vauxhall pollute 10 times more while Volkswagen diesel cars pollute twice as much as the Euro 6 standard.
Greg Archer, clean vehicles director at T&E, said: “One year after the US caught Volkswagen cheating, all carmakers keep selling grossly polluting diesel cars with the connivance of European governments. The automotive industry has captured its regulators, and European countries must now stand up for their citizens and stop this scandalous cover up. Only a recall of all harmful diesel cars will clean up our air and restore credibility in Europe’s legal system.”
29 million 'dirty' diesel cars and vans driving on Europe's roads today
T&E’s calculations also show that today 29 million diesel cars and vans are driving on Europe’s roads that we classify as ‘dirty’, meaning that, for Euro 5 cars, they are at least 3 times over the relevant NOx limit. Only one in four diesel vehicles registered since 2011 achieve these modest thresholds. These vehicles were approved for sale by national type approval authorities, mainly in Germany, France, the UK, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The largest number of ‘dirty’ diesels is found on French roads (5. 5 million), followed by Germany (5,3 million), the UK (4,3 million), Italy (3,1 million), Spain (1,9 million) and Belgium (1,4 million).
"The true scandal of Dieselgate in Europe is national regulators turning a blind eye to the glaring evidence of test cheating with the sole purpose of protecting their national carmakers or their own business. This is killing tens of thousands of people annually. We need a European watchdog to stop EU member states protecting their national champions and to ensure the single market for vehicles operates in the interests of all citizens,” Greg Archer said.
Cheating on environmental regulation is not a victimless crime. This causes premature deaths. The World Health Organisation has described worsening air pollution levels as a “public health emergency”. Last year, the European Environment Agency said that NO2, mainly created by diesel engines in urban areas, is responsible for an estimated 72,000 premature deaths in Europe. The majority of NO2-related premature deaths occur in Italy (21,600); 14, 100 in the UK; Germany (10,400); 7,700 in France; Spain (5,900) and 2,300 in Belgium."

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