Thursday, 20 August 2015

Lithium Race: Aston Martin Plans Pure Electric Tesla Rival With 200-Mile Range.


  The more different EVs we have to choose from - the better. All cars will be electric very soon, so all dinosaurs are better try and get into EV business if they can.

Welcome The First Trillion Market Cap Company: Documents Confirm Apple Is Building Electric iCar!

  Finally, we have the confirmation about Apple Electric iCar. Now we can prepare ourselves to the overnight rEVolution and mass market for EVs with Apple brand power behind it. We have first Trillion market cap company in the making: Apple has finally found the place where to park its cash and brilliant team of designers and engineers, its powerful branding and distribution channels will bring EVs to the masses. Low cost manufacturing base will help as well, China Yuan devaluation is very timely and you can check on my entries below about Foxconn. This largest producer of iPhones and iPads is building its own Megafactory for mass production of lithium batteries and investing almost one billion dollars in the $15k Electric Car to be produced in China.
  Lithium technology is already here, I was always advocating for Apple to buy the time to market and if not buy Tesla Motors outright, than to create the strategic partnership and use Tesla Model 3 power-train. Lithium is the magic metal which is at the heart of this rEVolution. Now we have the tide coming, all cars will be electric.
  I will allow myself to put a lot of links today, after writing for years about it, I will celebrate the Steve Jobs' Legacy and Electric iCar is the best tribute to such great visionary. He has inspired Gary Schellenberg and myself to start International Lithium, when electric cars like Tesla were still a dream. Now, thanks to Elon Musk, they are here! Below you can find my thoughts on why, how and when Apple will create the mass market for electric cars.

Forbes life:

"Potential Tesla rivals are beginning to pile up.  Fisker will reportedly start making electric cars again (plug-in hybrids, to be exact), Audi, and now news that Aston Martin is planning a 200-mile pure electric.
Maybe not exactly a Tesla rival in the case of Aston: the price tag of the all-electric Rapide will be in the $200,000 to $250,000 range, according to Automotive News, far above the price of a fully-loaded Model S P90D.   
“What Tesla clearly shows you is we haven’t hit the ceiling in terms of price,” Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer told Automotive News.
What else was reported? The four-door, all-wheel-drive electric Rapide will deliver 800 horsepower, boast a 200-mile range, and come to market in about two years, according to the report.  And Aston Martin already has a test vehicle on the road.
Not surprisingly Palmer revealed few other details to Automotive News.  Though he did say that the Rapide would be followed by an all-electric DBX crossover by the end of the decade, the report said."

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