Wednesday 11 March 2015

"WAS THAT A GOOD WAY TO AVOID THE QUESTION?" - Apple's Shareholders Really Want Tim Cook To Buy Tesla.

  Apple iCar rumour mill continues with Tim Cook avoiding the questions about Apple iCar and Tesla, but he has not denied it outright! Few reported patent claims are supporting the development of Apple  Electric iCar now, including the wireless charging.
  This is the tectonic shift for our industry, Tesla motors has started the real electric rEvolution and has demonstrated the potential of Lithium empowered technology. Apple can change the auto-industry overnight with its confirmation of Electric iCar. Tim Cook has everything he needs to bring iCar on-line very fast:

- Opened Tesla Motors patents,
- Apple brand power and loyalty from its customers,
- Foxconn - the maker of iPhones and iPads - investing hundreds of million dollars in China to produce $15k electric car,
- Number of patents supporting the Apple Electric iCar development,
- Team of engineers working on the "Titan project" with specialist from Tesla and A123 among them.
- Pile of cash which can buy Tesla Motors "few times over".

  You can find The Verge article below and my earlier entries covering this exiting subject. Our International Lithium teams are on the ground in Ireland now on Avalonia Lithium project preparing new sites for drilling. In Argentina, at Mariana Lithium project we are building the mining camp to conduct the pumping test and collect the bulk lithium brine sample for testing at the research facilities of our strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium in China.

Powered By Lithium: Apple Goes Full Speed Ahead on Electric Car by 2020.

  "Apple's brand and pile of cash can make this dream happen. Electric iCar will become the must-have for urban dwellers like other Apple products all around the world. I do hope that Apple can go for 20 / 200 magic at some stage - $20k electric car with 200 miles range, it will bring mass market for electric cars. Read more."

Electric iCar: Apple Adds Vehicles To Its List Of Company Activities In Swiss Legal Filing.

  "I continue to monitor the Apple Electric iCar story, today Ben Lovejoy brings us another breaking news on this hot subject. Now this story becomes even more serious and you can find my other entries on the links below. It is the huge catalyst for our industry and International Lithium will enjoy this timing of increased interest in electric cars and lithium technology behind them: we have just started our major advance programs on two J/V projects with Ganfeng Lithium."

Is The iCar Apple's Next Big Thing? Should Tesla Be Worried?

"Here we have the key to the potential Apple Electric iCar success - the Apple crowd. The power of Apple's brand and its loyal customers can bring us mass market for electric cars very fast. The magic formula will be 200 / 20 - 200 miles range with $20k price tag for the Electric iCar. But Apple can make people buy Electric Cars even with the higher prices!"

The Verge:

"With the Apple Watch now out in the open, shareholders have already begun to press Apple CEO Tim Cook for the next big thing. At the company's annual shareholders meeting today, investors had one particular idea in mind: Apple buying Tesla. 
"We don't really have a relationship with them," Cook said, wearily, after being asked about Apple's ties to Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk. "I'd love Tesla to pick up CarPlay. We now have every major auto brand committing to use CarPlay, and maybe Tesla would want to do that." 
"Was that a good way to avoid the question?" Cook added, causing the room to erupt with laughter. 
Despite Cook dodging the question, another investor took the mic just minutes later saying he'd put down a deposit to reserve the very first Mac in 1984, and that nothing has made him quite as excited since then as the Tesla Model S he'd purchased. "Every time I see it, it blows my mind," said the man, who did not identify himself. "Am I insane to think something might happen here?" 
"Let me think if there's another way for me to not answer this question," Cook said with a smile. "We're very focused on CarPlay." … The Verge."

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