Thursday, 29 August 2019

Gold Is Money: Central Banks Just Love Gold And It's Going To Stay That Way.

Bloomberg reports again on Central Banks' Gold buying spree and that, according to ANZ, China has "plenty of room" to increase its holdings. "Purchases have climbed amid global slowdown and trade war." 

"Gold is money, everything else is credit." - I find this famous quote from J.P. Morgan as very symbolic these days when the bank which is still holding his name finally is "getting worried" about the US Dollar reserve currency status and recommends their clients to increase allocations to gold. 

This healthy anxiety about the status quo of the US Dollar hegemony among Gold Bugs has received a very unexpected advocate this August. The brave challenge to the green buck came from the least expected and solid team player of the BIS Club - Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney. 

I will leave analysis why, why now and why particularly him to the other very smart people. Here I would like to point out one and the most important fact for us now: there will be a lot of debate about the alternatives to the US Dollar, but the most important fact is that it will not be US Dollar anymore. The switch. Reset. 

This is why Central Banks are buying Gold - while the BIS Club will be organising the last party on the Titanic in order to launch something new, crypto, centralised and beautiful - Gold has been here for the last 5,000 years. It is better to get as much gold as possible now. Literally now. 

All our brave scientific mental experiments and observations could stay as mere brain exercises for many more years unless the tide has changed and the tsunami of money is coming back into the gold market again. Now it is happening: Central Banks and Billionaires are front-running Pension funds and Insurance companies and buying gold. They will be buying next as we have discussed at length here already.

Finally, after so many years we have again not only beautiful charts by the brilliant Northstar showing what can happen but the tsunami of the real money searching for the solid values and wealth preservation in the uncertain times.

Building The Green Energy Metals Royalty And Gold Company: The Northern Miner - Canada’s Top 10 Royalty And Streaming Companies.

The Northern Miner presents the 10 largest Royalty Companies in Canada. This is the history of mining in the making and the great leadership to follow for our Team at TNR Gold! I fell in love with this business model when I first bought Royal Gold at USD $5 with Gold trading below $300 many years ago. Today Royal Gold jumped to an all-time high of $110 with gold price above $1,400 but still trading below its all-time high of $1,900. 

We are building The Green Energy Metals Royalty Company and our holdings with industry leaders like McEwen Mining in Copper and giant from China Ganfeng Lithium will propel our assets portfolio into the future powered by renewable energy. 

The Shotgun Gold project in the great state of Alaska provides our company with the exposure to Gold and hedging our potential royalty streams in Copper and Lithium. It is very important that we do not have to contribute any capital to the development of Los Azules Copper and Mariana Lithium and can rely on the technical expertise and balance sheet power of the McEwen Mining under the leadership of legendary Rob McEwen and the largest integrated lithium producer from China - Ganfeng Lithium. 

I personally own 20% of TNR Gold and our insiders are holding more than 50% of our Company. This year we have achieved very important milestones for our Company, including strong support from our investors who are providing long term investment loan. The main value drivers for TNR Gold in 2019 are:

1. Further development of "the sleeping giant" Los Azules Copper project by McEwen Mining which was granted PAE - special protocol ratifying the mining treaty between Argentina and Chile which is providing the necessary support for the development of the project of with such magnitude.

2. Acceleration of Mariana Lithium development by Ganfeng Lithium with a budget of USD $10 million in the first half of 2019. Ganfeng has announced in its 2018 annual report that they are expecting pre-feasibility and feasibility studies to be produced by the end of this year.

3. In case of the Shotgun Gold project, we are looking for the best partner among the majors to advance this project. Gold price above $1,400 speaks for itself and we have addressed the main catalysts for the gold market in our previous discussionsGold breaking above $1,400 makes all the difference here and our powerful allies these days are FED who is looking for the growth before the elections by any means and Central Banks who are looking to accumulate as much gold as possible before it is too late. 

Please read carefully legal disclaimers. Always DYOR and consult your qualified financial adviser before any investment decisions, you can find more about TNR Gold on, SEDAR and SEDI. Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions and subscribe to our updates.

InvestorIntel: The TNR Win-win Formula Of Gold + Copper + Lithium.

Building The Green Energy Metals Royalty Company: TNR Gold Investor Presentation April 2019.


Please read legal disclaimer. There is no investment advice on this blog. Always consult a qualified financial adviser before any investment decisions. DYOR.

Gold In The USA: Kirill Klip GEM Royalty TNR Gold Presentation May 2019 - Gold In The Alaskan Elephant Country.

Barrick Gold is developing together with NovaGold 40MOZ giant Donlin Gold in Alaska - "arguably the most important Gold project in the world." So where will you be looking for the new elephants? Maybe in the Alaskan Elephant Country. Barrick Gold received crucial permits to advance Donlin Gold now and this new developing mining district in the US can make the promise of "Gold In the USA" providing stable supply feasible again and it can become that solution to "The Gold Mining Reserve Crisis" McKinsey is talking about:
"The Company's strategy with the Shotgun Gold Project is to attract a partnership with one of the major gold mining companies. TNR Gold ("TNR") is actively introducing the project to interested parties," commented Kirill Klip, Executive Chairman of TNR. "We may be at the beginning of a great discovery. There is a clear path on how to move this project forward using the geological and geophysical research currently available to target drilling to expand the resource and form the basis of a preliminary economic analysis. The next step is to acquire a partner that shares our vision and recognizes the growth potential and value to be added to the Shotgun project over time."


Central Banks Just Love Gold And It's Going To Stay That Way.

    China has ‘plenty of room’ to increase its holdings, ANZ says
    Purchases have climbed amid global growth slowdown, trade war

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