Thursday, 5 October 2017

Lithium Race Chasing Tesla: GM Aims To Have 20 All-electric Car Models By 2023, 2 New EVs By 2019.

GM is finally talking about a serious move into electric cars. 20 electric car models are coming by 2023 and 2 new EVs by 2019. They do not have any other way around this disruption after Elon musk has brought Tesla earthquake to all auto industry. The ICE Age is over - China is setting the rules now and even California can follow with a ban on sales of the new DIEsel and gas-powered cars! India and Europe are following the trend already. GM with its productions facilities for millions of cars in annual production can make The Switch to EVs happening very fast.

Ford was very fast to announce its own "Team Edison" which will focus on electric cars after GM's news as well. This Tsunami of Electric Cars is coming and just to stay relevant automakers must invest billions of dollars in all chain of lithium technology very fast. Otherwise, the newcomers like Tesla will be setting the rules and China is ahead of all competition in the supply chains for this Energy rEVolution already. Lithium Technology is here, now maybe even GM and Ford can really make good affordable electric cars?

Cheap lithium batteries change everything and China is the driving force already on the global scale in this development. China is back on an exponential trend of growth in sales of electric cars in August with more than 100,000 EVs sold. It is an annualized trend of more than 1,200,000 electric cars per year. We can start talking about 2,000,000 EVs sold this year alone accounting for all EVs: including electric trucks and busses. 

We have the long way to go from 0.2% which electric cars are representing in the global auto fleet, but this growth will be faster than a lot of people think. Once electric cars become cheaper than comparable ICE ones, UBS is talking about in the article below, the game for gas and DIEsel cars is over. All new cars will be electric and nobody really accounting for it yet in any lithium supply chain calculations.

Now we are reaching the tipping point: convergence of technology, new players who bring competition and prices down; and anti-pollution movement by the most important countries for the automakers. DIEselGate was the last drop and auto lobby cannot just swipe it under the rug anymore, consumers are not buying "Clean DIEsel". 


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Needless to say that lithium supply chains are not even close to the coming Tsunami of electric cars after Tesla Model S Earthquake. Countries like China and India are very serious to clean up their skies from deadly pollution and now we have lithium technology to make it possible: electric cars will take the world over much faster than a lot of people think.

Electrification of China and India will drive the next phase of the worldwide growth in EV fleet. India has announced that all new cars on sale will be electric by 2030 and they are taking it seriously making the first tender for 10,000 EVs to be supplied for the government ministries and agencies now. Transfer of the best technology for Lithium Batteries and Electric Cars will be next. China is already The Centre of The Lithium Universe and exercises its state-level New Energy Plan step by step with the military discipline, starting with securing a Lithium Supply Chain.


Please read legal disclaimer. There is no investment advice on this blog. Always consult a qualified financial adviser before any investment decisions. DYOR.


GM aims to have 20 all-electric car models by 2023

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