Saturday, 21 October 2017

Daimler Is Chasing Tesla In Lithium Race From DIEselGate: "In the next 5 Years, We'll Invest Over €10 billion Into 10 Purely Electric Cars."

Great German automakers have tried everything in order to continue the business as usual. But customers just stopped buying "Clean DIEsel" anymore. Now, Daimler, BMW and Volkswagen are facing billions of dollars in stranded assets and very angry shareholders. Disruption of the auto industry is here and more than 200 models of electric cars are coming by 2020, but we still have to see something which will be even close to Tesla being made in Germany. Now, billions in investments are coming into EV space from all German companies and this change can be for real. even if Chairman of Volkswagen "still believes in DIEsel". Next big surprise is coming when they will try to secure the supply chains for this Electric rEVolution...

We are reaching the tipping point this year: convergence of technology, new players who bring competition and prices down; and anti-pollution movement by the most important countries for the automakers. DIEselGate was the last drop and auto lobby cannot just swipe it under the rug anymore, consumers are not buying "Clean DIEsel".

Needless to say that lithium supply chains are not even close to the coming Tsunami of electric cars after Tesla Model S Earthquake. Countries like China and India are very serious to clean up their skies from deadly pollution and now we have lithium technology to make it possible: electric cars will take the world over much faster than a lot of people think.

Electrification of China and India will drive the next phase of the worldwide growth in EV fleet. India has announced that all new cars on sale will be electric by 2030 and they are taking it seriously making the first tender for 10,000 EVs to be supplied for the government ministries and agencies now. Transfer of the best technology for Lithium Batteries and Electric Cars will be next. China is already The Centre of The Lithium Universe and exercises its state-level New Energy Plan step by step with the military discipline, starting with securing a Lithium Supply Chain. Read more.


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DIEselGate Hits Mercedes And ING Bank Predicts That Only Electric Passenger Cars Will Be Sold In Europe From 2035 Onwards.

DIEselGate hits Mercedes brand with Daimler being accused of selling more than a million cars with excess emissions, is it still a secret that there are no such things as "Clean DIEsel" and "Clean Coal"? Maybe it is still not clear for the politicians who are waiting to ban all DIEsel cars from our streets, but consumers and big banks are waking up. Consumers cannot sell its used DIEsel cars anymore without very lofty discounts and money managers are looking for the stranded assets and disruption at the core of the auto industry. Read more.

ING Bank joins the Electric rEVolution with its prediction that only electric cars will be sold in Europe from 2035 onwards. OPEC has increased 500% its own forecast for the fleet of electric cars by 2040 from 46 million estimated in 2015 to over 266 million forecasted in 2016 and IEA is calling for 600 million EVs needed by 2040 just to keep temperature increase below 2%. It is possible and The Switch is happening right now with millions of people testing electric cars worldwide

Cheaper and better electric cars are coming and Tesla Model 3 will be the best advertisement of EV Technology on our streets. Lithium industry is still living in its own bubble with major investment houses calculating 5% - 10% - 15% penetration rates for electric cars. What will happen if all cars will be electric and much faster than a lot of people think? We are getting there in the ludicrous mode now. The recent wave of M&A in the lithium sectors is just a warm-up before the real tide will be coming on.


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