Thursday, 18 June 2015

Lithium Technology: Toshiba Will Supply Japan’s Largest Battery Energy Storage System.



  InsideEv reports about Japan's largest lithium energy storage system made by Toshiba. This mega trend is on the rise now: Solar Power is taking over the world and Lithium Storage Systems will make this revolution complete with electric cars. Elon Musk has explained it brilliantly in his presentation. Today it is not a dream, lithium energy storage installations are coming up all over the world. International Lithium is working on the security of lithium supply with Ganfeng Lithium - one of the top lithium producers of battery grade lithium in the world.

Keith Kohl: Lithium, Not Oil And Gas, The Key Investment For The Future Peak Oil.

"Lithium is the Oil of the Future
Although I’ll always be an oil bull, I’m well aware that lithium is the next big commodity for investors.
Coal is done for, and lithium-ion batteries are the best solution we have to store electricity when the wind isn’t blowing, the sun isn’t shining, and when our cars get plugged into the wall instead of a gas station pump.
That’s why you’ve probably heard me call it “the oil of the future.”
Soon enough, lithium will be followed as closely on the market as oil is today, and because it is scarce, lithium prices are going to soar when demand for batteries ramps up over the next few years."

International Lithium Corp. Updates on Drilling Programs in Argentina and Ireland.

  We have great news today from our both J/V projects with Ganfeng Lithium! You already know about my personal vision for the lithium industry and our strategic partnership between International Lithium and Ganfeng Lithium from China. Now we have results coming in from our exploration and development programs.

The Lithium-Ion Battery Megafactories Are Coming: Production To More Than Triple by 2020.

Tesla Gigafactories: Is There Enough Lithium to Maintain the Growth of the Lithium-Ion Battery Market?


Toshiba Will Supply Japan’s Largest Battery Energy Storage System.

"Toshiba announced Japan’s largest lithium-ion energy storage system – 40 MW and 40 MWh.
40 MWh is like 1,500 electric cars and of couse full powerof 40 MW can be provided for up to one hour.
Construction work already began and this large scale battery, consisting of Toshiba’s SCiB cells, will go live in February 2016.
The order for the ESS was placed by Tohoku Electric Power Company to improve supply-demand balance of renewable energy."