Wednesday, 10 June 2015

DOJ Probes Banks for Silver, Gold Price Manipulation.


  Finally one more conspiracy theory is on its way to the court rooms. Let's see how serious DOJ will be acting here. What can be easier than just contact GATA and Bill Murphy for all the evidence, who was banned from CNBC for telling the truth about manipulation of gold?
  TNR Gold projects will benefit from the fair market pricing of Gold as will all other people who are suffering from the unreported rise in the real cost of living and real inflation in prices of food and other basic services. 


The U.S. Department of Justice is investigation possible price manipulation of gold, silver and other precious metals. Bloomberg’s Keri Geiger reports on “Market Makers.” Video: (Source: Bloomberg)

First Majestic Silver CEO Complains To CFTC About Market Manipulation.

  At least somebody is taking action. Gold and Silver mining community are not raising their voices enough about the ongoing market manipulations, only GATA continues to raise alarms, but without any mainstream support. First majestic CEO has proposed last year to withhold any sale of Silver from mines for one month, but almost nobody among other silver miners has even supported his action. 

Mining CEO Calls on Fellow Miners to Halt Physical Silver Sales to End the Paper Manipulation.

"How to end silver manipulation: "Let's pick up the month in 2015 and Stop Selling Silver for a month and see what happens" It will be interesting! Can the mining industry come together one day? Will miners ever repeat Rob McEwen's strategy to withhold Gold from selling at lower prices at Gold Corp?"

Bill Murphy: The Man Banned From CNBC For Telling The Truth About Manipulation Of Gold.

"Now the manipulation of Gold market is the case for the court hearing, but just a few short years ago it used to be a conspiracy theory. China moves with AIIB and Yuan SDR addition will bring Gold topic to the world's headlines."